Friday, January 11, 2013


I'd like to share with you some pictures from our trip to my parent's house. We left Melbourne in the afternoon and drove through countryside all the way to my parents place in regional South Australia. As the day turned to dusk, the fields looked so breathtakingly beautiful, as if made of pure gold. We were compelled to stop the car to take photographs.

Those beautiful mountains below are known as The Grampians and are far more stunning than I could capture. I didn't have the right lens at the time, so you're going to have to take my advice and visit them yourself. Seriously!

Once we arrived at my parents house, we spent the rest of the night talking 'til our eyelids turned into heavy weights and wouldn't stay open a minute longer. The next day was a scorcher so, after a morning watching crime shows on TV with the air conditioning on full blast, we threw on yesterday's clothes and decided to find somewhere to swim. Alex and Harry had recently discovered a gorgeous little secluded beach about twenty minutes from my mum and dad's place and told us we simply had to see it. So, off we went...

To get to there, the boys had to hitch up their pants and walk through water, around scraggly rocks and slimy seaweed. Poor shorty legs here had to change into bikini bottoms or her white shorts would have soaked through!

Then we found it: A slice of pure paradise.

After cooling off in the water and soaking up the sun, it came time to go back to mum and dads to get ready for dinner. 

It's experiences like these that make me appreciate this beautiful country I live in. Much as I love city life, there's something about the hot and rugged countryside and pristine coastline of Australia that swells my heart and fills me with wonder.

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  1. Australia is really gorgeous.. so true. I live in Toowoomba QLD so I am fairly close to Brisbane but still get the benefits of country living. Best of both worlds. That beach looks simply amazing though :)
    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights


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