Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I'm not the most adventurous lipstick wearer. I love bold colours on other people and always feel inspired to make my mouth look as interesting as theirs. So I buy a hip new shade, wear it once then default to something less overt... I still haven't learned my lesson on making such "risky" purchases. Today I was meeting James in town and saw the girl at the MAC counter in Myer rocking an incredible purple-y lipstick. It was that incredible I just kept looking at her over and over until she likely felt uncomfortable and asked me if I needed some help. I really want to do a cool blogger anecdote and say that I grabbed her by the shoulders, shook her hard and demanded the exact same shade she had on but in real life I just asked politely if she minded telling me where I might find the colour she was wearing. It turns out it was from the new "Archie's Girls" collection - one of the "deep, seductive tones inspired by spoiled rich girl Veronica". 
My new friend at MAC even applied it for me with a fancy brush which basically sealed the deal, in my opinion. So I walked away with another lipstick I am really excited by and hope to wear more than just once. What do you think, guys? Can I get away with it?

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