Sunday, February 17, 2013


It's been a little while since I brought out the ol' iPhone photos for you guys. When I scrolled through my phone prior to posting these pics here, I noticed there was a lot of pictures of calorie dense food and drink. All of it consumed by yours truly between the new year and now. When I add it all up, I realise it's actually quite a fair amount (and that's just the food I've managed to take pictures of). I didn't even notice it happening, but I'd steadily began increasing the amount of junk in my diet over the holidays. Not that it's a big issue, but it might explain why (in addition to almost zero visits to the gym) I was feeling a teeny bit softer than usual. So, with a very visual reminder that I have been a bit too cheeky with my diet, I am going back to my beloved LCHF eating for the majority of the time. I promise to keep you up to date with all my favourite recipes.

So, back to the iPhone. Let's start with the romantic stuff, shall we? I had a special delivery from James on Valentine's Day: 2 dozen red roses... Aren't they just beautiful? And whaddya think of my floral arranging skills?

In return, we sent James these pictures we took on our new laptop. (Yes, I'm aware the title of this post is "The iPhone Files" but how can I not post these pictures when Elsa looks so sweet?!)

Also on Valentine's Day, Rachel, Dan and I trekked into town and had a spot of lunch at Opera Bar, where we witnessed a profession of love in the sky...

We soaked up the sun, views and a couple of cocktails...

Mine was called the Buds and Bubbles. Ain't it pretty?

Rachel had the "Perfect Pair". I'm sure Dan agrees ;-)

To accompany, I ordered the King Crab salad. Oh yeah.

The very next day, we went out to the cinema to watch "Silver Linings Playbook". Like how I matched  my lippie to James' trousers?

After our date, we wandered back to the hotel mum was staying in, which is also home to the office I used to work at. Pretty, hey?

Now for the yummy stuff. Some delicious and strong (just the way I like it) coffee with mum, Rach and Dan after our successful wedding dress search. Yep, I've found "the one"!

Iced chocolate, cake and a massive side serving of whipped cream at Guylian Belgian Chocolate cafe in The Rocks:

Get ready for the cute stuff... Just look at little Elphin with the "lampshade" around his neck post-desexing. Adorable!

Little does "I'm so chilled out I can make just about anywhere my bed" know, it'll be her turn soon...

'Cause we can't have a whole family of furry things running about the place now can we? Instead we live vicariously through jigsaw puzzles. This one was tricky and became far too difficult to bother trying to finish. For Pete's sake, the sky was pretty much all one colour!!! 

Speaking of skies, it's looking rather bright and blue outside so I'd best be making the most of this last day of the weekend... What have you got planned today? 

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  1. Dying to hear about your wedding dress, I saw you in the Dymocks building on your way to Abbey Bridal!!


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