Friday, February 1, 2013


For Christmas my sweetheart (who knows me very well) gave me a voucher to spend at Unleash Books. I've just whizzed through a few of the many books I purchased over the Christmas break and can safely recommend them to you! If you're looking for some real page turners that are simply unputdownable, then you have certainly come to the right place!

The first book I am recommending is Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn. You might remember that she was the author who brought us last year's most talked about psychological thriller, Gone Girl (If you haven't read Gone Girl, you are missing out - go out and get it STAT). Now, Sharp Objects was actually written before Gone Girl and I am quite sad to think that I wouldn't have known about Gillian Flynn if it wasn't for Gone Girl. Sharp Objects tells the story of a Camille, a journalist who has been estranged from her neurotic, cold mother for years. She is sent back to the small town she grew up in to investigate the abduction and murder of two little girls. As well as trying to unravel the mystery of who killed the girls, she is faced with deeper psychological puzzles. Why does she identify so much with the dead girls? And how is this connected to the death of her sister sixteen years earlier?

I Came to say Goodbye is a heart wrenching read from the woman who has the "potential to leave Jodi Picoult's sales  trailing in her dust". Caroline Overington is a master at creating characters and storylines that enthrall you and leave you thinking for long after the final page has been turned. I Came to say Goodbye gives readers a glimpse into the often unreported reality of the child welfare system: A woman walks into a nursery in a hospital and takes a child who lays peacefully sleeping. There is CCTV footage of the event and all of Australia has seen it on the news. She takes the infant to her car and drives away. Though this is where the footage ends, it is not even where the story starts. Overington paints an emotional picture that will haunt, infuriate and sadden you. I highly recommend this one.

And when she was Good is the story of a woman living a secret life who is forced to make desperate choices to save her son and herself. Heloise runs the business "The Women's Full Employment Network" - once people hear that, they never want to know a single thing more about it. And that's exactly as Heloise planned it. Heloise runs a prostitution ring. She's a smart businesswoman who takes good care of her clients and certainly knows how to take care of herself but when another suburban madam is murdered and Heloise's own life is in jeopardy, she is forced to try and start all over again. A new identity, a new place to live... She's done it before but this time the stakes are higher - the trick will be living long enough to start a new life.

So there's my three picks to guarantee your nose will be firmly buried for a few days! Have you got any recommendations for me? I'd really love to hear them!


  1. Hi Anna,
    Have you read any of Dave Pelzer's Books, especially his Series;
    'A Child Called It'
    'The Lost Boy'
    and lastly
    'A Man Named Dave'
    he has also put all these books into one which is called 'My Story'

    I also really like the book about missing girl Madeline McCann from her mothers view and the autobiography from Natascha Kampusch her book is called '3096 Days'

    I have now just started reading about the Murder of the Portland Hairdresser's in 1990, that book is call 'Horrible Man', so far it is really good and interesting.

  2. Ooh actually I HAVE read one of Dave Pelzer's books. It stayed with me for a long time afterwards and I know I wanted to read more so thanks for reminding me!

    I need to read more bios - both those sound veeeeeeeery good. AND EXCUSE ME BUT THE PORTLAND HAIRDRESSERS MURDER HAS A BOOK? I need to read this!


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