Sunday, March 31, 2013


... My Easter present from James. As you may know, we agreed not to buy chocolate eggs for each other (we get so many from his family) and so this is what he bought me! If you don't know about Sarah, you will soon - her star is on the rise and rightly so - she's smart, she's curious and consequently a minefield of information on health and well-being. Check out her blog and get acquainted!

I downloaded the e-version of I Quit Sugar (IQS) some time ago, which really helped me to quit sugar and gain some control over my sweet tooth. I felt it had more power over my eating habits than my own mind and will and it wasn't until I took all those excess, added sugars away that I realised just how addicted I was! IQS was an awesome preparation, motivation and reference for me throughout the whole process.

Though I have indulged from time to time, I feel great that I have reined in my addiction and now sugar doesn't tempt me as it did (but I must stay mindful as sugar consumption is a slippery slope for me). A really nice side effect of this decrease in the amount of sugars in my diet was that my stomach went as flat as a tack and stayed that way even after I'd eaten my three meals a day! I dropped a couple of kgs and felt really light and more energised than I thought I could - after the initial withdrawal, of course. 

Usually new eating plans don't give me that sudden, enlightened, brand new feeling that people rave on about so often. You know what I mean? Someone goes on a detox and suddenly the fog lifts and they can take on the world. Well, saying sayonara to sugar did something pretty monumental to me. I was never sluggish, never puffy, always alert, brain fog lifted and that second coffee I always needed mid-afternoon I realised I was only now purchasing out of habit, rather than necessity. It was just what I needed.

We eat mostly LCHF and one of the principles of that eating style is cutting out sugars and starches. Sarah's Paleo/IQS approach is really not too dissimilar and so I am excited to have a hard copy of the book not only for all the delicious recipes but also to reach for when I have sugar/carb cravings. She has an incredible way of talking to her readers, imparting wisdom as if a trusted friend. There's no preaching from  Ms. Wilson - just gentle and considered words that make a heck of a lot of sense. Even if you don't intend to quit sugar completely, this book is fantastic for its healthy recipes and as a general health-focused read. It's worth getting your hands on, I promise. Buy it here.

Saturday, March 30, 2013


We were late to bed last night and consequently late to rise. After a big mug of coffee, we got ready to leave the house and buy chocolate eggs for the family. I wore my favourite leather shorts from French Connection and a plain grey tee from Dotti (the place for basics). My sandals are the same pair I wore yesterday, from Boston Babe.

We said goodbye to Elsa and James' parents and made our way to Charlestown shops.

First stop: coffee. We had a cup o' Joe from the guys at One Tree Coffee Co. On a side note: how great is Australia's coffee culture? To those of you overseas who haven't been to Australia, you're in for a treat when you come here - our coffee is second to none!

I was pretty focused on finding easter eggs (which have almost totally sold out so if you haven't got yours, hurry) so I didn't get too many more pictures. We did, however, come across something which made our day...

Please note the scale of this pup against its mummy's hand. It literally fits into her palm - swoon! James got himself some new threads before we headed back home. I begged him to model it and he was such a trooper but didn't want me to show his face! But you get the idea, anyway. I'm in love with everything Industrie is doing right now. Grab your boy and run there soon!

I'll check in with you guys tomorrow with all of our Easter adventures. I already know what I'm getting from James (remember how we weren't doing chocolate eggs this year?) and I can't wait to show you! 

Have you done any Easter shopping? Even just chocolate eggs? I'm obsessed with chocolate so do tell me if you've found anything yummy!

Friday, March 29, 2013


We're in Newcastle for the long weekend. We left home pretty early in order to get as much time as we could with James' parents. It was all in vain, however, as the highway was more parking lot than carriage way. I wasn't too upset about it - we always have a good talk when we're on the road, plus we made a couple of pit stops along the way, which made it feel like a big interstate adventure and not the 170 kilometre journey it was. 

I wore a most comfortable ensemble for the journey - my top and jeans are from Dotti, my sandals are from Boston Babe - and they're on sale! Today's outfit was 100% inspired by my best friend. She had come to visit wearing similar pants and top and I thought it looked a million bucks so I had to recreate the look myself (it looked loads better on her though - if she was a fashion blogger, she'd have millions of clones running around, let me tell you!) So D, if you are reading, thank you for being so stylish and inspirational!

We're almost ready to sit down to dinner so I will leave you with the photos.


This Easter, James and I agreed we wouldn't buy each other chocolate eggs. We all know the drill at Easter: you receive a big pile of chocolate and because it's there, you trek back and forth to the pantry for a nibble. We don't want to do that this year. Besides, I think I've found a little pressie that's even better than chocolate. Check out this set of three ceramic egg cups from artist Rob Ryan, whose work is always so charming, romantic and funny. Each egg cup is printed with "As long as I still have you" on one side, and "this egg will be enough" on the other. Why not remind the love of your life what they mean to you every time they have their dippy eggs and soldiers?

If you live in Australia, you can purchase them here - if you're from overseas, they're on Amazon - US link / UK link. While you're at it, have a squiz at his other stuff on Etsy... I'm in love!

Ooh, and if you haven't heard, I have entered the Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition. If you would like to vote for me, you can do so via this link. (Find "Anna Savanna", check the box, then keep scrolling through the pages - it won't take long - 'til you reach the end and click "Done"). Thank you so much for your votes, I really appreciate it!

Thursday, March 28, 2013


When I started this blog over a year ago, I didn't think anyone would read it. I probably didn't think I would still be blogging nearly one and a half years later! To know that you pop in every so often is the loveliest compliment to me. Through some of your comments, I have even been able to check out some of your blogs - one of the highlights of my day - and I am constantly inspired by the things I see and read. This is probably the primary reason I am still blogging now!

This year, I entered the Australian Writers' Centre Best Australian Blogs 2013 Competition. When it comes to any sort of competition, I tread a well-worn path. I tell myself that winning is unlikely and that entering would be a complete waste of time. This time, I thought otherwise. I mean, I fulfil the entry criteria: Australian (tick); Has a blog (tick), but much more than that, blogging is my favourite, most cherished hobby. If there was a single competition I should at least have a shot at, this one would have to be it, right?

So, if you think I deserve a vote in the People's Choice Award, you can click on this link, then look for my blog "Anna Savanna" in the A-Z list of blog names. You'll have to keep scrolling through the list to get to the end, where you click "Done" to have your vote counted.

Thank you so much for your readership and I hope to be able to churn out a post or two over the Easter break. If you're travelling on the roads this weekend, please stay safe. Have a great long weekend and let me know what you're up to!


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