Monday, March 4, 2013


I have had the most gorgeous weekend with my fiancé (gosh I love being able to say the "f" word!!!) Just being able to wake up and not have James have to head out the door for work is one of my favourite things in this entire world! We had only one task we needed to achieve this weekend and that was finding the perfect mirror for our bedroom. We don't have a full-lenth mirror in the apartment and I hadn't really bothered too much before now but the thought occurred to me on Friday that if I wanted to achieve my goal of dusting off and wearing my never-worn clothes (which would require me to be more experimental with fashion) I was going to need to be able to see the whole ensemble in front of me before feeling comfortable walking out the door! I'm one of those "need to have it yesterday" types so we spent a good part of Saturday trying to find the perfect mirror for my needs. I threw on my new threads for the occasion. You might have seen these already on my instagram:

Witchery knit, French Connection shorts, Tony Bianco heels (which I would LOVE to have in every colour!)

We trotted off to the nearest mirror store and tried to find the one that made both our hearts go "giddy up". At first, I was really keen on this one...

This is it in black...

And here's another similarly sexy one (front of picture) albeit a little unsuited to our place:

Then I spotted this style and I just knew...

When I asked James his opinion, he wasn't too sure. So we did another lap of the store, weighing up sizes and styles and trying to picture each one in our home. When we had a second look at my favourite, James had come around and all we needed to do was see if they had our size. Ever heard of Murphy's Law? Yeah, that basically explains what happened next. According to the gent at the shop, we could get it custom made but it would take 8-12 weeks to arrive and wouldn't be discounted like their floor stock. I'm pretty impatient so I thought I'd try my luck elsewhere. Meantime, we headed off to the movies to see I Give it a Year. We grabbed a jumbo popcorn and settled in for loads of laughs.

There is no way you can not enjoy this film. Not with Rose Byrne, Anna Faris AND Stephen Merchant in it. And I know there's a whole population out there who will go weak at the knees at the mere mention of Simon Baker. So, there you go, four good reasons you should see it for yourself!

The next morning we had our coffees, read the papers and decided we would cross town to find our dream mirror - just in case somewhere miraculously had the exact same one in the exact proportions we were after. We were also planning to go to the zoo  (this plan ended up falling through) so I went a little safari with my neutral threads.

We weren't expecting success but we achieved it! (There's a lesson in that). The first shop we walked in had the exact style sitting right in the window. They didn't have the size we wanted but assured us they could have one to us within a few days. And at a bargain price! Where do I sign, ma'am?! We were in and out of the shop within minutes which is precisely how I like to roll. Feeling mighty pleased with ourselves, we celebrated with burgers at my favourite burger chain, Grill'd.

While I sipped my cider I flicked through a music mag and got all giddy at the reminder that we will very soon be seeing this wonderful man in concert.

If you're looking for a personal hero, you'll find it in Rodriguez. I was introduced to his music many years ago through a friend (her daddy liked his music) but I never knew a thing about the man behind the lyrics. After watching this years Oscar winning documentary Searching for Sugarman I was blown away. I don't often think about the concept of "heroes" but if I had to choose any they'd be Rodriguez, Jesus Christ, and Chris (Simpsons Artist). This quiet man from Detroit, his attitude, and everything he represents makes him the kind of person you can learn a whole lot from. I suggest you watch it to find out where I'm coming from. Anyway, after I gushed and got excited, our burgers arrived. We both ordered the Simply Grill'd with cheese - mine was on a gluten-free bun (it's the one with the seeds).

^And then I had this for dessert^ 

I kid, I kid. We trotted back home to take Elsa with us on a walk (which turned into a massive adventure) around the East. We sipped velvety coffee and talked like budgies, realising we'd covered many miles and would need to get home to prepare for the week ahead, which made me really sad. But as I write (it's now Monday evening) it's only going to be a few minutes until James is back home and OUR NEW MIRROR IS DELIVERED! I'll share some photos with you very soon!

I'll be signing off for now - I hope my post wasn't too long and frantic for you - but I would really like to know what are you excited about/looking forward to lately?


  1. Loved this weekend post. Nothing like having a wee mosey at what all my fav bloggers are up to in their spare time. Unfortunately, mine was spent in work. On call on the biggest hospital in your beloved Glasgow. This weekend however, I am planning time with my sweetheart, long walks and coffee with my dog, some vintage shopping and home cooked delishiousness! I would love to see a post on how you keep so in shape. Maybe a typical week food blog? Keep writing. I'm an avid reader xx

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment!
      I shall share some of my favourite recipes and workout information very soon. Your weekend sounds awesome! And I love how you said my "beloved Glasgow". I really do love it there. Best shopping I've ever encountered :-) xxx


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