Wednesday, March 20, 2013


...Rodriguez was in Sydney tonight and I was fortunate enough to see him. A living legend. At seventy, his voice is as beautiful and ripe as it was in his recordings from nineteen seventy.

I remember the first time I listened to his music. I was in my early teens and on a road trip with my friend's family. Hearing these beautiful songs I had never in my life heard before, I was compelled to ask my friend for the artist's name. Aside from having a few of his songs on my iPod, I never heard his songs on the radio, in a bar, in someone's home... I was pleasantly surprised when I heard Sugar Man in the Heath Ledger film, Candy. Other than that, not very many people knew about him. If I played any of his songs among friends or family, it was guaranteed they would ask who was singing or scribble the song name down. It's curious that such a brilliant artist was so completely unknown, right?

If you've seen Searching for Sugar Man, you'll know all about Rodriguez's puzzling (previous) lack of notoriety. If you haven't seen it, I suggest you go out and buy a copy - but not before you try and get a ticket to see the man himself. You won't be disappointed, I promise. It's really late just now and I'm getting so tired that I feel I'm rambling. I'm determined to show you my pictures from tonight, so please excuse me for how disjointed this post is going to be.

After a few wrong turns, we made it to Enmore with enough time to spare for a quick bite. We'd already been wowed on our drive along King Street - the inner west is jam packed with dining options! We chose to eat close to the theatre and discovered that the place right next door allowed BYO. A trip to the Bottle-O was in order.

I ate before we left the house, but James was tempted by the hearty American fare at The Sixth Borough, which I just discovered has only recently opened. Congratulations, guys!

After shovelling James' fries into my mouth, it was time to go. I met some friendly fellow concertgoers outside and this lovely man kindly let me take his picture. Doesn't his smile make you feel like smiling too?

And once we were inside, we didn't stop smiling. My pictures won't be able to show you what a night it was, but hopefully I might have been able to capture Rodriguez' lovely energy in these photographs. 

Sixto Rodriguez, we loved seeing you. 
Thank you for playing for us.


  1. Thank you Anna. This balances nicely the not so glowing review of the concert in the Herald on Thursday 21st. Clearly she was not a fan! She also said that most of the audience were middle aged South Africans, which I didn't think was the case at all. Maybe they were more vocal in yelling out inane comments, but everyone I met there seemed to be an Aussie. And I thought the support band did a fantastic job.

    1. David, I hadn't read the review you are talking about but I will look it up now. How disappointing of her. I agree - everyone I met was Aussie and I was really surprised to see so many age groups represented. Lazy journalism on her part!


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