Sunday, March 17, 2013


Dotti Coated Jeans / Siren Boots / Witchery Jacket

My sincerest apologies for my lack of posts lately. We've been having major issues connecting to the internet, which is weird and really uncommon (I think) in this day and age. On top of that, Elsa just chewed up my memory card and I haven't replaced it yet so my camera has been sitting around gathering dust. I promise normal posting will resume as soon as all these little technical glitches are sorted. 

My weekend has been great. I think you could say we were "kicking goals" all day on Saturday. We not only booked our wedding photographer, we also think we've found the company to look after our cakes, flowers and decorations for the day. The man we had our appointment with was just fantastic - I did my best to describe how I wanted things to be, showed him a picture of my dress and one or two things on Pinterest and he knew right away what the wedding I was trying to plan in my head looked like. He started drawing pictures of centrepieces and cakes and pulling out colour swatches and I immediately knew we could trust this chap with all the details of our big day. We might also be able to organise our cars and musicians through him too, if we like what's on offer. We walked away feeling really excited - there's nothing better than the feeling of being totally understood, don't you think? I also found my bridesmaid dress, which has an amazing story attached to it, which I promise to share soon...

This morning we woke up and did a big trek over the bridge to the north to see our wedding venue before turning back and heading home. We must have walked about 13km today so we are feeling mighty tired. It helped us burn off some of the junk we ate yesterday - I think we had about 3 brownies and 2 ice cream sandwiches between us. Don't even ask us about what we had for dinner, either. We don't need a reminder of the guilt!

How has your weekend been? 

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