Wednesday, March 6, 2013


I have been a very naughty girl lately. I need to put down the VISA card and immediately stop style stalking via the blogosphere. You see, when I see something I like, I simply must have it. And there are too many fashionable folk online whose talent is making clothes and shoes look so damn desirable that the average consumer, in this case me, feels compelled to buy them! Luckily for me (and our bank account) this doesn't ever apply to high-end designer stuff - the price puts me off entirely - but when the item is affordable, I can't be stopped. Though I haven't been shopping much since I got sick last year (comfort over style) and we don't go out as much as what we used to, I am not excessively worried about this latest spree. But I do have a wedding to plan and that ain't ever cheap! The "little" purchases all add up, as we know. So I have put myself on notice.

On a brighter note, I am rather proud of my most recent purchases - most of which have been made in order to help me enhance my existing wardrobe and unworn purchases (justifying, again). I would love to share them with you and if you're feeling generous, perhaps you might give me some ideas on how you think they should be styled? I really want to mix things up and get the most out of every item. 

Loafers a steal from Rubi Shoes - $20.00 each or 2 for $30.00
Nude heels from Windsor Smith at Wanted Shoes - $99.95 
Cheetah dress (so sexy and flattering on) from Supre - $25.00 
Very sexy red pencil dress from ASOS - $65.69
Stunning "Carmen" blouse from Forcast - $49.95 

... A little postscript - did you notice my new mirror? It finally arrived! It was 10cm shorter than what I had ordered but I can't be bothered with all the fuss of swapping it for the right size. What do you think? Do you like it?


  1. Anna i love, love your shopping!! It is so stylish,elegant.I love to read all the things you post! You are wonderful, and im sure you receive
    a beautiful comments. Thank you for yours


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