Saturday, March 2, 2013


How many of us feel that way? I know I do. I have a tendency to make incredibly foolish purchases. For instance, evening dresses outnumber my casual outfits yet I rarely go out anywhere that calls for more than smart casual. I also get surges of bravery when I try on "trend" items. I think: "I will make this work with my existing wardrobe." Then I get home and realise I will need to buy a different shade of jeans and a certain type of heel if I ever want to pull off the ensemble properly and by then I am just tired and my new purchase sits in the wardrobe untouched for eternity. I think I have walked away with a few wise purchases of late. These items will make at least a couple of outfits on their own but more importantly, will allow me to dust off items already sitting in my wardrobe so I can stop looking at my clothes and feeling like such an impulsive, wasteful individual!

These are just a couple o' shots of me trying on my new gear. My camera battery died and I was home all alone so I had to use my laptop to capture these pictures. The jeans and heels are my favourites right now! Perfect in every way and affordable to boot! Oh, and please excuse my veiny feet - I had just been walking in very tight trainers!!! 

Faux Leather Shorts - French Connection / Pink Sweater - Witchery / Lime Sweater - Witchery / Skinny Jeans - Supre / Heels - Tony Bianco @ Wanted Shoes

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