Sunday, March 24, 2013


Last night, we decided to take to the skies for the long-awaited first meeting between James's parents and my parents. We figured if things weren't going too well, we could always feign vertigo and be excused from the dinner. In all seriousness, I was more excited than nervous about our folks meeting. We are both really close to our parents and it was quite special for us to be able to introduce them to our respective "in-laws", whom each of us have become so close to.

We chose 360 Bar & Dining, the revolving restaurant that allows you to marvel at the most spectacular views Sydney has to offer while dining on some preeeetty decent cuisine. This is the very moment we arrived. I don't think there's a revolving restaurant in the world that gives you a view as good as this one...

That was the bar, where they mixed me my very first Mimosa. All my life I've been missing out! This one was white peach - so summery, so Sydney.

Dad broke the ice almost immediately, giving us all a good belly laugh. As the other 3 parents commented on the difficulty they were having reading the menu under the dim lights, my dad, quick as a flash, piped up "That's why you need THESE!" and whipped this high-tech pair of glasses out from his pocket and onto his nose.

A kind lady dining beside us saw me going crazy with the camera and offered to take a picture of us all together. It's rather exciting now to think that here's two families who will very soon become one.

Everyone was getting along so well that it took us a great deal of time before we got around to ordering. When our plates arrived, we were rather impressed. We all ordered similar entrees, a couple of us had the Sydney rock oysters with champagne vinegar and eschallots:

The rest of us ordered seared scallops with wasabi avocado cream, sweet corn, puffed quinoa and baby herbs. What a flavour and texture combination that was! 

For mains, we ordered an assortment of meaty dishes. From top to bottom (big deep breath)... Pan roasted duck breast with pumpkin, caramelised eschallots, roasted pears and foie gras; John dory, kipfler potato, cherry tomatoes, pea risotto and baby basil salad (with parsley oil and coriander); Roasted lamb rack, braised lamb breast and fennel du puy green lentils patty; and finally, Angus beef fillet with celeriac remoulade, confit potatoes and red wine jus:

All of us were pleased with our selections but, in my opinion, the dessert was the best of all the plates! I actually hadn't ordered a dessert but James offered me a try of his when it arrived. I don't think he ended up getting to eat much of it at all. This is the sticky date parfait, caramel, toasted marshmallow and chantilly cream. See that shot glass filled with caramel? It took a whole lot of self control not to lick the insides of that glass clean!

We finished up with coffee and wondered where the time went - the restaurant had almost emptied and we spent a little while taking in the view and capturing some photos of the exciting occasion.

I had to take this picture - wouldn't James make a charming waiter?

An absolutely gorgeous evening with the people we love the most. After we got home, dad called and said "it was lovely to meet James' parents and we look forward to the wedding and the day when we will be grandparents with them when you have children on your own". A beautiful thought, and one that James and I both share.


  1. Awwwww looks like the perfect evening. The restaurant looks amazing. I have never been in a revolving one. Is now on the list of things to do.

    My parents haven't properly met my boyfriend parents yet but I am quite excited about it eventually happening, even if a little nervous.

    Your dads glasses by the way are amazing! xx

    1. Becky, don't be nervous! I think the parents would be more nervous than us kids!
      And yes - you must go to a revolving restaurant! I have been to one in the CN tower in Canada and this one here in Sydney and when next I travel I will be seeking out one in whatever city that may be!
      PS Love your blog!

  2. Aweee what an awesome place for the Parents to meet together at. Looked beautiful and the food delish!

  3. Anna wow wow wow... You all look so amazing! You look so beautiful, and i love your dress! Im so happy that you all have good night, and the first meeting with the people you love the most went so well! As always love to you, and thank you for the blog is so good to read.You are wonderful girl!xoxoxo


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