Tuesday, March 26, 2013


When I had my makeup professionally applied last week, I was converted to a whole new way of thinking about makeup application. Suddenly, I realised just how much difference the right brushes made! Despite owning a "blending brush", my eyeshadow lines still appeared too bold and lacked the smoky, blended edges I was trying to achieve. Though I had dabbled in contouring, buying a bronzer and highlighter, I was wasting good product. Again, by using the wrong brush.
So yesterday, I watched a good few make-up tutorials online (thank goodness for youtube!) and compiled a list of the brushes I would need to bring my makeup to life. Here's what I ended up with (yes, I got sidetracked by eyeliners while I was there):

Manicare Artiste Flat Eyeliner Brush: The flat, firm bristles on this brush allow you to create perfectly sharp, thin lines to define the lash area. This one is perfect for creating the most accurate "flick" at the corner of the eye for that dramatic cat eye look.

MAC 217 Blending Brush: This is the holy grail of blending brushes and a must-have in your makeup case. Super soft but still quite dense, this brush does a brilliant job of turning harsh lines into softer, gradiated colours.

Manicare Artiste Angled Blush Brush: This one is ideal for contouring just below the cheekbone or applying blusher to the apple of the cheek. The angle of the brush fits the contour of your cheeks perfectly, so you end up with a truly expert application.

Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Eyeliner: I bought this one in Blackest Black because I normally always wear black liner. I am trying to get away from pencil liners so this is very new for me! The product dries perfectly and used with either the brush it came with or my new flat eyeliner brush, creates a perfectly straight black line. So much easier to use than I first thought! On the last picture, the Gel Eyeliner is the top colour on my hand, followed by:

MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Buried Treasure: Dark, metallic khaki eyes are on of my very favourite looks. When I'm going out, I always wear this colour as I find a black smoky eye too harsh for my face. Khaki greens are Mila Kunis sexy, totally unbeatable in my books. See for yourself. I usually line my eyes with black but now that I have found this, I think I can achieve a much less bold look, especially if I smudge it on both lash lines. 

So what do you think, guys? Are there any tools in your makeup kit that you absolutely cannot do without?


  1. Brushes are essential for me too! I just hate cleaning them. My favourite are sigma brushes (buy online on their site) they dupe the MAC brushes almost exactly for a fraction of the price.

    xo Emily @ Hungry Delights

    1. YES!!! Thank you for that tip! I still have more brushes to buy and this is where I will be going! :-) x


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