Monday, March 11, 2013


I might have told you once before, I'm a bit of a sniffer dog. I love all things fragrance - not just perfumes, but the smell of soaps, lotions, candles, and even laundry powders. Not only do I adore fragrances, I have an ability to recognise a smell almost instantly. If you're wearing a perfume I've smelled even once before, I'll be able to name it pretty much straight away. If this were a category in pub trivia, you'd want me on your team. 

Anyway, in my search for a wedding dress, I was lucky enough to try on a few gorgeous dresses in Vera Wang a couple of months ago. Everything in that boutique, I just loved. Not only the dresses, but the layout and shopfittings, the colours, the ambience and yes, the scent of the place! I wasn't really on a mission to seek out the fragrance because I was almost certain it must have been a personalised scent-marketing product (the new big thing in branding!) 

It wasn't until a few days ago that I was in Peter Alexander spending some vouchers I got for Christmas that I came across that very smell. I discovered it was the Manhattan Little Black Dress triple scented candle from Glasshouse's Destination candle range. If you took all the connotations of Manhattan and the LBD - chic, fashionable, high-class - and made a fragrance to match, then this candle is it. My nose is loving it!

Are there any smells that you just can't get enough of???

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