Friday, March 29, 2013


We're in Newcastle for the long weekend. We left home pretty early in order to get as much time as we could with James' parents. It was all in vain, however, as the highway was more parking lot than carriage way. I wasn't too upset about it - we always have a good talk when we're on the road, plus we made a couple of pit stops along the way, which made it feel like a big interstate adventure and not the 170 kilometre journey it was. 

I wore a most comfortable ensemble for the journey - my top and jeans are from Dotti, my sandals are from Boston Babe - and they're on sale! Today's outfit was 100% inspired by my best friend. She had come to visit wearing similar pants and top and I thought it looked a million bucks so I had to recreate the look myself (it looked loads better on her though - if she was a fashion blogger, she'd have millions of clones running around, let me tell you!) So D, if you are reading, thank you for being so stylish and inspirational!

We're almost ready to sit down to dinner so I will leave you with the photos.


  1. Anna, thank you sweetie, but you look amazing!Just like i do ha ha.
    Beautiful people look amazing no matter what they wear.
    Again you write so beautifully!


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