Saturday, March 30, 2013


We were late to bed last night and consequently late to rise. After a big mug of coffee, we got ready to leave the house and buy chocolate eggs for the family. I wore my favourite leather shorts from French Connection and a plain grey tee from Dotti (the place for basics). My sandals are the same pair I wore yesterday, from Boston Babe.

We said goodbye to Elsa and James' parents and made our way to Charlestown shops.

First stop: coffee. We had a cup o' Joe from the guys at One Tree Coffee Co. On a side note: how great is Australia's coffee culture? To those of you overseas who haven't been to Australia, you're in for a treat when you come here - our coffee is second to none!

I was pretty focused on finding easter eggs (which have almost totally sold out so if you haven't got yours, hurry) so I didn't get too many more pictures. We did, however, come across something which made our day...

Please note the scale of this pup against its mummy's hand. It literally fits into her palm - swoon! James got himself some new threads before we headed back home. I begged him to model it and he was such a trooper but didn't want me to show his face! But you get the idea, anyway. I'm in love with everything Industrie is doing right now. Grab your boy and run there soon!

I'll check in with you guys tomorrow with all of our Easter adventures. I already know what I'm getting from James (remember how we weren't doing chocolate eggs this year?) and I can't wait to show you! 

Have you done any Easter shopping? Even just chocolate eggs? I'm obsessed with chocolate so do tell me if you've found anything yummy!

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  1. Love those sandals, they look great here and with khaki jeans in your last post. Gorgeous!

    Nancy |


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