Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I finally did it. I created a facebook page for Anna Savanna. It took me so long to choose a profile and cover picture but I hope you like what I've done with the "place". You can check it out here

Monday, April 29, 2013


Since she arrived in Sydney a few days ago, I wanted to take Kate out and make the most of her only Saturday night in Sydney. We wanted to drink a decent volume of cocktails somewhere that wasn't too loud and crazy. We also wanted to be able to get something decent to eat but, being ill-prepared, I hadn't made a booking anywhere. I was racking my brain and tossing out suggestions I didn't quite feel certain about and then, mid-way through Saturday morning, it clicked: Why didn't we try making a night of things at Toko? Not only do they do the best cocktails, the food is up there with the best Japanese in Sydney. But the clincher was the fact that, because they accepted walk-ins and would be frantically busy, we could put our name down and head to their sister establishment (it's practically next door) Tokonoma for pre-dinner-and-cocktails-cocktails! It was the perfect plan! And it all went down better than I could have imagined. We were told it would be an hour and a half for a table but between drinks and chatter, it really didn't feel like long at all. It had been years since I ate at Toko and this time round I tried a few dishes I had never had before and I'm going to say in all honesty that it was the best meal I have had in a very, very long time. My tastebuds are currently doing something analogous to obsessively smelling the pillow that one's lover has left the scent of their aftershave on. Get the picture? Let's start with the insta-photos we took that night then move on to the rest...

Truth be told, every single thing we ate and drank I would recommend. You just cannot go wrong here... 

What we drank (in order of appearance)
Lychee & Jasmine Mojito
Ume Plum Crusta 

What we ate (in order of appearance and roughly translated)
Hiramasa no usuzukuri (sliced kingfish)
Ebi tempura maki (tempra prawn inside out rolls)
Watari-gani no karaage (crispy soft shell crab tempura + wasabi mayonnaise)
Spicy maguro maki (minced tuna inside out rolls) 
Dengaku nasu (miso eggplant)

Check out the Toko website for bookings, menus and all the vitals.  Remember, both Toko and Tokonoma have a fantastic bar so you can enjoy a drink while you wait for your table. Toko takes lunch and private dining bookings, Tokonoma takes dinner bookings - I can't wait to have dinner there soon!

Sunday, April 28, 2013


James is going to be so embarrassed that I'm even including him in this capacity but I am just so in love with the new jeans I chose for him the other day and had to share them here - sorry James! Anyway, these denims are from Industrie and are ridiculously cheap for their quality and style. I'm a firm believer in the idea you don't need to spend a lot to achieve a polished look. I wore my favourite French Connection shorts and a blouse from Forecast, both of which have been really popular in stores. I promise to upload the rest of the pics from the night as soon as I can. We had such a great time with Kate here and I think we all agreed that our meal last night was up with the best of them! How was your weekend? 

Saturday, April 27, 2013


I woke up this morning after sleeping in my fake tan only to find that I had forgotten to apply it to my right calf. Obviously the tan continues to deepen the day after it is applied (my leg is a good few shades darker now) but this picture gives you an idea of what to expect from the St Tropez tanning mousse. It's no wonder this brand is such a hit worldwide - this tan is about as natural-looking as they come!

Friday, April 26, 2013


My best friend is in town. Kate and I first hit it off in German class in year 9. Her hair is naturally super curly and on this particular day, she had strategically placed them so they were peeking out the top of her school skirt which, if you can imagine, was designed to look like she had incredibly long, stray hairs in that region. We were in hysterics and from that moment I knew I had met my match. We were inseparable, spending all our spare time together and even when I moved interstate, we'd still write letters, talk on the phone and see each other every school holidays. I am really grateful that our parents saw what a great friendship we had and allowed us to catch flights on our own and stay with each other's family for extended periods of time. Even though we're big adults now (!), nothing's changed. Sure, we don't see each other quite as much but when we do get together, it's as if we saw each other just yesterday. Speaking of yesterday - we walked up to Bills in Woollahra for breakfast and, as usual, enjoyed every morsel. Bills cafes attract a crowd for a reason! After that, we did a whole lot of sightseeing then went out for dinner and cocktails. I didn't have my camera with me but what I don't capture for here is usually on instagram! I'll leave you with the breakfast photos now because I'm about to start getting ready for the day! I hope you have a good one :-)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So yesterday I posted about my new Babyliss Pro Conical Wand and promised to upload some photos with the results. Now, first up, I need you to remember that styled curls always drop. Some of the inferior curling irons will give you a decent curl to begin with, then once you walk out of the house, they have disappeared, leaving you with ratty looking kinks - not even waves. This is precisely the issue I had with my last curling iron, hence my upgrade to the Babyliss. I chose a conical wand because I had seen brilliant results on a few youtube tutorials and blogs. 
The reason I chose this brand because it is commonly used by hairdressers and, as the name suggests, is a "pro" styling tool. It has variable heat settings (a higher heat = longer lasting styles, IMO) and takes hardly any time to curl/wave your own hair. I had a playlist on that went for approximately 26 minutes and I was out of the bathroom as the last song was playing.  That's only slightly longer than the length of time it takes to straighten my hair. 

I did do a pretty rough job in that some of the sections were bigger than others - I found that the thicker the section, the less tight the curl. So you absolutely can create a beachy wave with this thing. The only thing I did struggle with was that my hair didn't grip to the wand and kept sliding down to the pointy end of the wand! I did manage to get the hang of it halfway through doing my hair, but not being able to see what I was doing with the back sections made those parts of my head tricker to navigate! I know I'll get better next time I do it. It was actually worse when I first used a hair straightener - I was so uncoordinated that I almost gave up and went back to pestering my siblings to iron my hair on the ironing board! Anyway, I'll see how they drop by the end of the day and I'll upload a pic to my instagram so you can see the results. Have a nice day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Tight curls, beachy waves and everything in between: this is the curler you want. Best $89.95 I've ever spent. I'll upload a  picture of my hair after I've styled it very soon!

Monday, April 22, 2013


It was about twenty years ago that my auntie, uncle and cousins packed up and moved across the country and, later, to the other side of the world. I can still remember the day we saw them off - I remember standing on the sidewalk as they got into their packed car and drove away. It was heartbreaking. They were the only cousins we had in Australia at the time and we saw so much of them that the very word "cousin" doesn't do their role in our lives justice! I watch how some people relate (or more specifically don't relate) to their uncles, aunties and cousins and it's just not the same as how we all got along. You can therefore imagine how excited I was to meet my auntie Karen face to face after all this time. Though facebook has been a great tool for keeping in touch, it's nothing like being able to sit across from your auntie and blether away for hours and hours. What made a brilliant day even lovelier was that we caught up in one of Sydney's best cafes in one of Sydney's most stunning locations and the weather was incredible! I'd never been to the Boathouse at Balmoral but it's now my new favourite beachside cafe. I forgot to photograph our mains but I hope my word is enough to prompt you to check it out! What I did manage was a picture of the incredibly moist and moreish orange cakes we had with our coffee after lunch. And of course, us lovely young things! If you're into pictures of places you'd rather be, then I've also included a whole bunch of those too ;-)

^^This is my favourite picture of the day c/o Karen's facebook^^
These came a close second...

His name is Scrappy and Karen gets to stay with him while she is in Sydney. I'm green with envy!!!