Monday, April 22, 2013


It was about twenty years ago that my auntie, uncle and cousins packed up and moved across the country and, later, to the other side of the world. I can still remember the day we saw them off - I remember standing on the sidewalk as they got into their packed car and drove away. It was heartbreaking. They were the only cousins we had in Australia at the time and we saw so much of them that the very word "cousin" doesn't do their role in our lives justice! I watch how some people relate (or more specifically don't relate) to their uncles, aunties and cousins and it's just not the same as how we all got along. You can therefore imagine how excited I was to meet my auntie Karen face to face after all this time. Though facebook has been a great tool for keeping in touch, it's nothing like being able to sit across from your auntie and blether away for hours and hours. What made a brilliant day even lovelier was that we caught up in one of Sydney's best cafes in one of Sydney's most stunning locations and the weather was incredible! I'd never been to the Boathouse at Balmoral but it's now my new favourite beachside cafe. I forgot to photograph our mains but I hope my word is enough to prompt you to check it out! What I did manage was a picture of the incredibly moist and moreish orange cakes we had with our coffee after lunch. And of course, us lovely young things! If you're into pictures of places you'd rather be, then I've also included a whole bunch of those too ;-)

^^This is my favourite picture of the day c/o Karen's facebook^^
These came a close second...

His name is Scrappy and Karen gets to stay with him while she is in Sydney. I'm green with envy!!! 

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  1. Cute photos! Looks like a beautiful place for a family reunion!



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