Tuesday, April 9, 2013


1. The lovely, gracious lady at Catwalk who cut my hair yesterday. You did a great job and you didn't mind at all that I had to stand and, because, you were shorter than me, that you had to raise your arms up high the whole time while you cut my hair. It couldn't have been too comfortable for you but you didn't make me feel like an inconvenience. 

2. My fiance, James. You helped me choose these pretty new sunglasses by taking the time to really consider every pair I put on. I once got frustrated with you because we were looking for clothes and you told me everything looked lovely but what I needed was help to decide which item looked the best. Sometimes I don't know if something looks really good, just good or not good and I wanted you to help me to make a decision. But really, when I think about it, I should have been grateful that I have someone in my life who thinks I always look lovely no matter what I wear. So I am thankful for that, and also for the fact that you really put in a lot of effort during sunglasses shopping because you thought it was what I would have wanted. You are so beautiful.

3. The great writers out there who never gave up on their dreams. There can never be too many books or pieces of writing on this earth and even if you touch one person with your words, you have done something truly incredible. Sometimes I buy your books second hand when the shops don't have them. I want you to know that this doesn't stop me buying new books at all and I will endeavour to buy new wherever possible because I want you to know your writing is worthwhile and that you should keep writing forever.

4. My beautiful mother who often sends me beautiful cards in the mail. If anyone wanted to know what love looks like, I would lead them to you.


  1. Hey Anna I sent you an email, hope you don't mind! Love the bible quote. So true! x

    1. Yes it's such a gorgeous quote! E-mail aaaaanytime!

  2. So many things to be grateful for! I agree with you on the authors thing - with a bit of a literary background, it is really important to support authors and book stores.. I feel like it is becoming a bit of a dying artform :(
    xo Emily

  3. Your hair looks amazing and your mother sounds so sweet sending you letter, so precious!



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