Friday, April 19, 2013


1. How did I only find out about these sisters? Haim are BBC Sound of 2013 winners have an awesome 80's/early 90's sound that I'm utterly addicted to. Just listen.

2. They always say that correlation doesn't imply causation. It's perfectly illustrated here.

3. Why have I only discovered video bloggers now? I'm in love with Arden Rose. She's so fun!

4. Are you a geek? Want to know how to make Pokemon Pizza, Diablo 3 Skittle Vodka Potions or a Dr. Who Tardis Gingerbread House? Check out Nerdy Nummies Geeky Cooking Show.

5. It's finally here! Our favourite French rockers Phoenix have a new album

6. Enlightening, soulful and downright hilarious. If you haven't "liked" Chris (Simpsons Artist) on facebook, then do so now!

7. This wedding video gives me a lump in my throat.

8. Wedding photography is no longer about cheesy, staged shots. The best photographers take a photojournalistic approach -  capturing the "story" as it unfolds - the tears, the kisses, the beautiful moments that not everyone sees. Gui Jorge Photograpy have nailed it. They're based in Sydney and I'm obsessed with their work.

9. Recipe for the best chocolate chip cookies you'll ever have 

10. STFU, Parents gets a belly laugh out of me!

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