Wednesday, April 24, 2013


So yesterday I posted about my new Babyliss Pro Conical Wand and promised to upload some photos with the results. Now, first up, I need you to remember that styled curls always drop. Some of the inferior curling irons will give you a decent curl to begin with, then once you walk out of the house, they have disappeared, leaving you with ratty looking kinks - not even waves. This is precisely the issue I had with my last curling iron, hence my upgrade to the Babyliss. I chose a conical wand because I had seen brilliant results on a few youtube tutorials and blogs. 
The reason I chose this brand because it is commonly used by hairdressers and, as the name suggests, is a "pro" styling tool. It has variable heat settings (a higher heat = longer lasting styles, IMO) and takes hardly any time to curl/wave your own hair. I had a playlist on that went for approximately 26 minutes and I was out of the bathroom as the last song was playing.  That's only slightly longer than the length of time it takes to straighten my hair. 

I did do a pretty rough job in that some of the sections were bigger than others - I found that the thicker the section, the less tight the curl. So you absolutely can create a beachy wave with this thing. The only thing I did struggle with was that my hair didn't grip to the wand and kept sliding down to the pointy end of the wand! I did manage to get the hang of it halfway through doing my hair, but not being able to see what I was doing with the back sections made those parts of my head tricker to navigate! I know I'll get better next time I do it. It was actually worse when I first used a hair straightener - I was so uncoordinated that I almost gave up and went back to pestering my siblings to iron my hair on the ironing board! Anyway, I'll see how they drop by the end of the day and I'll upload a pic to my instagram so you can see the results. Have a nice day!

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  1. its so good to see a woman who truly takes care of her self. love them curls.


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