Friday, April 5, 2013


I'd seen this brand mentioned on international blogs but had never looked out for it in stores on our shores. I was in the shops yesterday looking for some herbal teas (a really good idea to have on hand if you have a sweet craving while trying to cut down on sugar) and saw the pretty Pukka boxes on the shelf. I had a tough time choosing which ones to buy and nearly took home all the flavours they had but decided I should only buy what I needed. So I ended up with one to help with digestion and so forth and one that smelt the best! I am on the Pukka website just now and notice there are about 25 different blends available - all which can be bought online. They have everything from Three Mint tea bags to Love tea bags, which promise to warm the heart, relax and soothe you. Awwwwwww.

Anyway, I'm sold on them - even more so when I read that they're developed by a "Master Herbalist" by the name of Sebastian Pole, whom I discover (thanks google) practises Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine IRL. This post totally sounds like Pukka Teas and I have some sort of agreement but I have only once in my life been approached by a PR and it was only a mass-distributed email that I ignored anyway. And it wasn't from Pukka Teas. I'm just excited about this organic brand and want to share them with you! What's your favourite tea?

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