Thursday, April 4, 2013


Poor little Elsa got desexed yesterday. On top of that, they also pulled two of her teeth while she was under so it's safe to say she's not feeling 100%. We couldn't take her home last night because her tummy started to bruise more than normal so they wanted to keep an eye on her before they sent her home. The house wasn't the same without her - we were so surprised at how much we missed her. The sight of her pen without her in it was really sad! 

Luckily she only had to stay away from home the one night so I now have her with me at home. Because she's on some pretty heavy painkillers, she's all over the shop. One minute she's sleeping, the next she wakes as if from a bad dream and starts attacking the "lampshade" collar around her neck. Mostly, she sits there glassy-eyed and every so often nods off while she's still sitting upright. It's basically the same as if you or I took an opiate painkiller and tried to function. Poor thing. I took a few pictures because she just looked so adorable...

P.S. See that second photo, where I'm holding Elsa's paw? That never happens. She hates nothing more than when anyone reaches for her paw. She isn't aggressive (until you bring out the nail clippers) she just reflexively pulls away as soon as you go near her. I'm hoping over the next few days she'll get used to me touching her paws so we don't have so much trouble when it comes time to clipping her claws!


  1. Oh, poor little poppet! It must be such an ordeal to go through...

  2. Tell me about it! She won't let me leave her side so I'm lying next to her with one hand patting her at all times.
    I'm also playing doggy relaxation stuff on youtube because she's reeeeeeally uptight, I think it's the meds :-s

  3. Aww poor Elsa, hopefully it won't take her too long to recover :(
    xo Emily


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