Wednesday, April 17, 2013


My hair in its natural state / Aaaaand cut and styled - like my front layers? / The two of us in the newspaper / Same day, in the race stand :-X

I started photographing my food with the hash tag "food diary" - I thought it might keep me accountable!

Indian summer in Sydney / Hot days = cold drinks / Yes, it feels like summer but autumn is here!

OK, so the first stop whenever I go shopping is the pet shop. I can't help myself. How cute is that Pug-cross? And just look at the size of that little guy in the bottom left hand corner... I melt! ...Then there's my Elsa making friends. This is how it goes: She spots the dog, stops dead in her tracks, drops to the ground then slithers up to them excitedly with her tail going wild. Then, when she finds herself nose to nose with them, she hasn't a clue what to do with herself. She literally freezes. Too cute!

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  1. I love puppies so much but can't have one at the moment so I have to skip the pet shop - too much of a depressing tease! haha


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