Sunday, April 21, 2013


Dotti Anorak / Country Road Tee / Bardot Jeans / Rubi Shoes Wedges

We braved heavy rain and hit the highway today to visit family and close friends. We set the alarm for 6, switched on the music channel and James (bless his heart) fetched us coffee from one of our favourite cafes to help us along. It reminded me of the days when we first started living together. We both worked at the same office and we'd wake up before the sun came up - long before we needed to even think about getting ready for the day. We'd play music, drink coffee and talk to each other as we got ready. Well, more accurately, James would spend more time pulling up songs on youtube and talking to me while I got ready, primper that I am. Such a sweet memory :-) Now that I'm not working, most days I'll wake up moments before James heads out the door. It's so rushed and doesn't really constitute quality time so I'm going to 'reclaim' that little part of the day for us again - the quiet, early morning before work and other obligations manage to get the better of us! 

Do you have a morning ritual? Or one particular ritual that you wouldn't change for the world?

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