Sunday, April 21, 2013


We just got back from a massive walk, which did us the world of good. I've always been a walker, clocking up around 40km (25 miles) a week. For me, it's an effective form of meditation and stress relief, as well as being a great way to stay in shape. A little while back, I screwed up my shins in a major way while using an elliptical machine (!) and for a time there I could barely walk to the shops without re-injuring myself. It was so frustrating to have to give up an activity that was as routine to me as brushing my teeth! But thankfully I've come a long way since getting physio and some nifty little custom orthotics... Obviously time and patience has helped as well!
Anyway, I hope you enjoy the photos - I know I overdo it with the Elsa pics but I just can't help myself. Check out her expression in that second last photo... I'm guessing that little guy just didn't do it for her!

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