Sunday, May 19, 2013


1. I could walk all day and not get tired
2. I could speak to no-one all day and not get bored or lonely
3. I always forgive and forget. I often wonder if I could actually hold a grudge.
4. I read really fast. People ask if I learned to do this but it's always been the case, I actually inherited this trait from my mum. 
5. I am terrified of flying. There have been times when they close the doors for take-off and I have asked to remove myself from the flight, citing "gastro" because I think it's the only way everyone won't get mad at me for delaying take-off for them like that. 
6. I've had Botox... But only to my pelvic floor muscles as a treatment for pain. Modern medicine, eh?
7. I used to "add up" words in my brain. Each letter would have a corresponding number (i.e, A=1, B=2 etc). For example, my name would have a value of 30. This used to make me frustrated because I couldn't switch it off.
8. Now I find myself mentally arranging words into alphabetical order.
9. I'm a hypochondriac. Considering I get anxious a lot, I think most people would feel uncomfortable if they lived in my skin. I only realised this when I took anti-anxiety medication and realised "this is what normal feels like".
10. Once I took a job as an admin in a dating agency. I had just moved to Sydney and was a bit green. It turned out to be a whole lot more seedy than my naive, romantic idea of "matchmaking" and I quit soon after. 
11. I think I'm almost a bit too sensitive to people's feelings. I tend to feel other people's sadness/disappointment/hurt more than I do my own.
12. I find repetitive tasks therapeutic.
13. When I'm nervous, I talk a lot. Because of this, people often mistake me for an extrovert/social butterly.
14. Similarly, when I'm quiet I'm usually at my most peaceful but often get asked what's wrong.
15. I get mildly irritated when celebrities don't own up to nips and tucks. Only because too many girls and women compare themselves to a product that has usually had some help that they haven't had. Plus it's lying to your fans, the people who feed and clothe you, which is never cool.
16. I don't have a nickname and never have. Though I do get "Anna Banana", but adding a word doesn't a nickname make, right?
17. I am a great procrastinator.
18. There is not a pair of shoes on this planet that will not give me blisters, UGG boots included. My feet take ages to get used to a new pair of shoes.
19. I have never surfed, despite growing up in a coastal community.
20. I have an unhealthy salt habit. I don't sprinkle, I pour it onto my food. My whole family is the same.
21. In my youth, I did a lot of theatre. Acting was one of the greatest passions I have ever had. 
22. Though I have learned to show gratitude when I receive a compliment, receiving them makes me feel uncomfortable. 
23. I love waking up when most of the world is still asleep. Being in a city when the shops haven't yet opened and the night shift workers are heading home is the best (as long as I can find a coffee shop that opens early).
24. I am one of five kids. We are all the best of friends. 
25. I haven't found my "calling" career-wise. Is it wrong that I don't care? I don't think so.
26. I'm really good with my hands. I think I have a steady hand and can do really intricate tasks.
27. I hate making statements like "I am good with my hands" or "I'll see you in 5 days" in case I tempt fate and one day my hands won't function or I won't be around in 5 days. I have often deleted things in blog posts like: "I'll post about it tomorrow" because of this. Would you call this being superstitious?
28. I am pretty intuitive about the way to fix things around the house that stop working.
29. I believe I might have a sixth sense/psychic abilities. I won't frighten you with the details!
30. When I was a little girl, I used to fear the world ending. Things like predictions from Nostradamus or my teacher telling me it would only take "one push of a button" to wipe us all out with a nuclear missile sent me into a panic and I found it hard to enjoy life at times! I still get this fear from time to time.

... Reading over this and I realise how incredibly odd I appear. Maybe I am really peculiar and just haven't realised it yet! Can you relate to any of my Dirty 30???


  1. Anna that story is amazing, and remind me how old iam! You looked so cute when you were child!
    Miss you
    Love DXOXO

  2. That is so bizarre. Reading through your list... it is uncanny how similar it would be if I was to make my own list. I read crazy fast - When I was at school, my teachers thought I wasn't paying attention but the truth is I had read and completed everything already...
    And you don't sound odd at all!

    1. Haha I find it so cool that you can relate!
      The challenge has been so fun, I would recommend doing one! I love reading other people's lists too so you know I for one would be reading every day :-)


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