Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I woke up bright and early this morning, excited to give James his gifts. It's always hard for me to hold back on either giving the surprise away ahead of time or saying "It's midnight! Let's open your presents now!" I did briefly mention the idea of staying up 'til 12 but James wouldn't have any of it. 
Back to the gifts. I can't let an occasion go by without buying something that goes in the wardrobe. This year I got him a tee and hoodie, both from Industrie. If you recall, he has the same hoodie in an oatmeal colour but since I am always stealing it, I thought it best to get him another one. He put them on straight away - that's them in the photos below.

At Christmas time, we discovered James is a natural on the guitar. Rach was teaching him some basics and was astounded at how fast he picked up the skills. So I simply had to get him a guitar this year - can't let this potential go unrealised! After he opened his gifts, we had coffee and spent some time on youtube learning chords. I emailed a chap about lessons and I think James is looking forward to one day being able to play a few of our favourites. When he finishes work today, we'll be heading out for dinner. I plan on taking more photos then! 

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