Saturday, May 4, 2013


Meet my new jumper ("sweater" to those across the pond). It's Brian Lichtenberg's homage to Hermes - it feels snug as a rug and makes me feel like I have a level of street cred when I wear it. Anyway, this is only a short post from me today as we are about to have a look at a house that's up for sale in our area. James got up early this morning to look through it and now he wants to take me there to see it from the outside. We both went to see a little place on another side of town this afternoon that I fell in love with. It had gorgeous french doors and a lovely courtyard with a hedge around the perimeter and stone paving that my brother said gave it an "LA or South of France" vibe. I'm really attached to our little flat so I might actually find it hard to move out of here when the time comes! Also, tonight we're off to dinner at one of the restaurants at The Star (the casino here in Sydney). Will let you know how it goes. What are you up to this weekend? Anyone else on the hunt for a new place too?


  1. What size did you get? I am about the same size as you and I want to know which one to order :)

  2. Hey there! Mine's a small.


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