Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Jeans by Nobody / Singlet (old) from Valleygirl / Jacket from Imprint - no website available - similar here and here / My trusty, oft-worn heels are from Tony Bianco

I really dislike jeans shopping. Like, really dislike it. I actually start out excited and hopeful - I have a tendency to forget past bad experiences. I therefore give every pair a chance, with a fitting room bursting at the seams with colours and styles. I try them all on, getting more and more depressed with every pair. The low waisted ones cut into my hips and give me a muffin top; skinny jeans exacerbate the size of my quads and knees; gorgeous, glamorous white jeans have never been my friend and don't even get me started on those adorable 3/4 styles - frumpy and stumpy are two adjectives I'd use to describe myself in them! Usually, I wind up feeling hot, bothered and with a newfound belief that I have a "disgusting" and "difficult" body shape.

I'd had a few glasses of wine with lunch last week and, feeling uninhibited, stopped in to David Jones to find myself the perfect pair of blue jeans. Immediately, all those familiar feelings came flooding back and I realised I was in too deep. There were so many styles to choose from - endless racks and floor-to-ceiling shelves were filled with the dreadful things! And everything was in European sizing - I can barely navigate my way around Australian sizing as it is! 

I was about to jettison the whole idea, walk out the door and console myself with a brownie when a store assistant, nay, miracle worker came to my aid. Her name was Kat and I will be grateful to her as long as I live. I explained what I wanted (light blue, slim) and didn't want (muffin top, anything that would enlarge the appearance of my thighs) and she quickly got to work, buzzing around the shop-floor and grabbing jeans left right and centre. I took a gulp as she handed me a half dozen pairs and led me to a fitting room. I started mentally planning my exit strategy should the first pair be unsuitable (my fiance's lost his house keys/ My bank has just noticed suspicious activity on my card and they've cancelled it/ I'm sorry, I'll need to go I'm feeling awfully nauseated...)

But those thoughts were completely in vain. Four pairs in and I wanted to buy every single one. At a couple of hundred a pop, it wasn't going to happen so I decided to go with this sexy pair from Nobody. Before I took them to the till, I got snapped in the photo booth for the David Jones Denim Seeks Soulmate campaign (find your denim "soulmate", snap a pic instore and you can win $1000 to spend at DJ's). You might have seen the photos on my instagram. Fingers crossed I win the competition and I'll be racing back to ask Kat to pick me out another few pairs! 

Which items do you find it most difficult to shop for? Do you find shopping for jeans as much of an ordeal as I do?


  1. Looking stylish as ever. I agree that jean shopping is horrible - very cool that you found such a nice sales assistant, they are few and far between.

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll! Would you mind terribly if I added you to my sponsors and loves sidebar?

  2. I have the same problem with jeans. I seem to always revert back to old pairs of jeans hanging in my wardrobe that I know I can trust, when you do find a really good pair it's kind of like gold dust. I'll defintely be checking this brand out though!
    Great blog btw

    Rebecca xx


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