Monday, May 20, 2013


I'm born on August 20, which makes me a lioness. Sometimes when I read about the Leo astrological profile, I cringe. Words like "overbearing" and "narcissistic" aren't words I'd use to describe myself and they paint a pretty rotten picture of the old Lion. "King of the Jungle" and "Regal", well, who wouldn't want to identify with those?! 

There's a number of websites that have varying profiles of Leos, some which I feel are more accurate of me than others. The most accurate ones I have ever found are the ones that look at your actual birth date, not just your zodiac sign in general. One profile in particular is the most accurate (and super specific) one I have found. It's really long so I have cut it right down and made bullet points, in case you can be bothered to read them!

  • Especially warmhearted and quite sensitive. 
  • Inclined to feel the sadness or negativity of others very quickly and deeply, directing them to occasionally overreact to situations. 
  • Often outraged by injustice. 
  • Despite a slight self centered ego, makes an excellent, kind and considerate friend.
  • Career-wise, will commonly consider a lower paying position if it means that they will be doing something they enjoy and feel part of. 
  • Managing finances is a task they can find difficult; they tend to regard budgeting as boring and tedious. Frequently fare better with age but finances can be regularly strained by a proneness for frivolous spending. 
  • Ordinarily brilliant at forming close friendships but will usually put a protective shield over their emotions that is hard to penetrate. It takes someone rather special to captivate their love interest enough for the consideration of a permanent committed love union. 
  • Disagreements and arguing are pet hates therefore it is rare they will deliberately initiate them in a loving partnership. 
  • Has a fondness of glowing with healthiness and looking good. Food options are for the most part carefully chosen and a common keenness for cooking directs them to be knowledgeable about nutritional benefits. When it comes to exercise they are not as keenly interested and possess a tendency to shy away from such activities unless it involves a fun element. 
  • The personality weaknesses for those born on August 20th are often exposed when they are currently in negative or stressful circumstances. These weaker traits focus on their egotistical, impulsive side and can manifest as lonely escapist behavior or an angering of their hidden temper causing episodes of tantrums or sulking.
  • Being born on the 20th of August gives them an intense yearning to do all they can to accomplish their deepest wishes. A touch of impatience could cause delays, setbacks or a fear of failure when attempting to fulfill cherished goals.
  • They do not appear to always set time limits on desired achievements as this can further dampen their enthusiasm and motivation. 
  • Their expressive communicative disposition guides them to be basically frank and open while their kindness, mental analysis and understanding encourage them to be notably compassionate too. 
I really recommend you look up your astrological profile based on the actual day you were born. Some people I know have read theirs and couldn't believe how accurate it was! Obviously these things aren't gospel but they are a lot of fun to read. What's your star sign? Do you think your astrological profile sums you up well?

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