Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Guess where we went to celebrate James's birthday last night? None other than within the incredible, historic walls of the Sydney Opera House. Guillaume at Bennelong, to be specific. Neither of us had been to this grand, fine-dining institution but we had walked by a number of times and both acknowledged that it did look like the kind of place we really ought to eat at one day. So yesterday that's exactly what we did! 

The only acceptable photo of me from the night: 
ye olde self-portrait using the instagram medium

Just look at those baby blues!!! 

I don't eat out a whole lot anymore, but when I do, I want to feel treated. I roll at two speeds with my "treats": most of the time all I'm hankering for is a burrito or a burger, the rest of the time I want to dress up in something new, then go out and have my senses spoiled rotten. Guillaume at Bennelong did a whole lot of the latter. From the floor to ceiling windows commanding views of the city and harbour to the soft classical music that set the pace and tone, this place was quite a luxury for us. And the food. Oh my, the food. That autumn menu is a cracker! This is what we ate:

For the cold starter, I had the Royale: peas, speck, truffle and James had the Yellowfin Tuna with basil, soy and mustard seed. Mine was out of this world. I also had an incredible glass of Perrier Jouet. It was the first time I had ever tried this champange and I hope it won't be my last!

My warm entree was pine mushroom with ouef mollet (soft boiled egg), gnocchi, tomato and salsa verde (if I could get the recipe for that gnocci, I'd be enormous) and James had the scallops with cauliflower, spinach, shiitake and balsamic.

And for mains, neither of us could go past the beef with shimeji mushroom, spinach, shallot and merlot.

Again, dessert was a no brainer. This is the Nougat glace, peanuts, caramel ice cream and banana. It's like a pastry, ice cream sandwich and banoffee all in one!

We ate like kings and got to experience the Opera house in a very special way. And the birthday boy enjoyed his night, which was all I could have hoped for.

After all this treating my tastebuds, I think it's time I tried doing a juice cleanse. First timer here, who wants to do it with me??? I think a buddy system might make this challenge a little easier to get through!

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