Monday, May 27, 2013


I was curious to know what my face would look like if I had a perfect celestial nose, like this one on everybody's favourite British belle, Emma Watson:

While I really do love the look on me, I am going to take Michael's advice on this one. I had a long think last night and have decided the biggest change I need to make is to stop thinking that I'm not OK as I am. If it's not the nose I'm giving myself a hard time about, it's the legs, or the hips or the hair or the skin or whatever else. It's tiring. And not just for me but probably anyone that has to listen to me! 

This ol' nose has provided me one of my greatest abilities and I think I ought to stop this recent "thing" of being mean about it especially since my snozz was never a big issue for me before! Having said that, I am incredibly impressed with some people's photoshop skills! Undetectable, right? Which made me realise that perhaps those models/actresses/bloggers/whoever else and their features I covet might have had a little digital, if not real life "help" too. And I could have help too, if I decided I really wanted it that much. But this week, I'm going to start talking back to that mean little voice in my head and just see what happens x


  1. photoshopped version of you is not good.

  2. I know it's easy for a stranger to say because it's easier to dismiss, but really I think you're seriously pretty and a really intelligent, kind lady.

    Any issue you have with your nose is completely in your own head(I mean that in the kindest way) because I genuinely didn't notice there was anything to be bothered about until you posted this.

    I often think 'if there was no risk, would I get x, y, z done..?' but then, like you said, it would turn in to 'this, and then this, and then this too' and it would never ever end!

    The real work to be done is changing your mindset and love of yourself. You wouldn't think for a moment that your husband needed any work doing because you think the hottest guy on earth hands down. If he lost a limb you wouldn't find him any less attractive or amazing, nor would you feel any different he added or changed his nose, or jaw or whatever. You should apply that love and respect to your own, body too.

    Flora x

    1. That was such an incredibly beautiful message to read. I was blown away.
      Thank you so much for not only the compliment but for the wisdom.
      Yes, it's true, I don't feel that way about anyone else in the world's features, let alone my fiance, so it's actually logical to apply that to myself.
      I sense it'd be far greater to be in a place of self-acceptance or seeing yourself how others see you, rather than "getting your wish" and having all the physical changes you dreamt of.

  3. I just showed your two before and after pics to my boyfriend. He stared at them for a few minutes and the only difference he noticed was at that you appear to have more of a smile in the after! Your nose isn't as significant as you think. I once saw a comic that showed a monster being stared at by his own eyes heaps more than others, displaying how we are excessively critical about ourselves. I wish I could find it! You're beautiful the way you've been brought to this world. Focus your energy on being the best you that you can be :) It's not about changing physical features in this way, it's digging deeper to appreciate yourself. To me, life isn't about appearance or material objects, it's my connections with people and nature.


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