Friday, May 31, 2013


I believe in kindness 
I believe in soulmates
I believe in the good in people
I believe in forgiveness
I believe no-one should endure embarrassment

I believe if you think something nice, you ought to say it
I believe if you have a question, ask it
I believe that if you love someone, you should show them and tell them, just to be sure they know
I believe that when you are walking along the street, you should walk beside the ones you love, not in front of them. Kids especially have a harder time trying to catch up, their stride is much shorter than ours
I believe it's wonderful if we can remain childlike. That is, remaining fearless, open, excited, the first to say hello, quick to make friends, not concerned with what others think of us (if a child's desire is to wear a cape to the supermarket, they will wear a cape to the supermarket!)
I believe in not planning too far ahead: life is unpredictable
I believe in being grateful for today
I believe books, films, music and your own imagination are often the best company
I believe the tough lessons are often the most important ones
I believe it's so much easier to judge others, to think of our own thoughts and actions as right or superior. It's more difficult to examine ourselves. Sometimes what we find will confront us but we shouldn't punish ourselves for it. The most important thing is making our next step better than our last

And here's what the great Steve Martin believes...

One more thing I believe? I believe my younger brother Alex is his Doppelgänger:

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