Monday, May 27, 2013


I'm not entirely sure which of these early memories is actually the earliest, but I am guessing they all occurred between the ages of 3 and 4 years old:

1. I remember being in a bedroom belonging to another child. I had never been in this house before and never returned there. As far as I could sense at that young age, my parents didn't know these people that well. I recall needing to go to the bathroom but not feeling comfortable enough to say so and ended up wetting myself! When all the parents came to the bedroom to tell us it was time to go, they didn't say anything about my accident but, looking back on my behaviour (acting cool; trying to conceal spot on carpet I had been sitting when accident took place; in an unusual hurry to leave) and their behaviour (so sweet and polite), I am sure they must have known.

2. I have a faint memory of looking over our backyard fence. I am not sure how I got there but knowing the child I was at 3 or 4, I would have found a way to scale that fence. Ever since I was a child, I always considered this my earliest memory but I wonder if it's more plausible that the above memory is earlier, considering poor bladder control might come before climbing fences?

3. I also remember not having met my baby sister yet and my mother talking about the fact we would have a new baby in the house soon. I also remember knowing I was to have another sibling coming into the world soon and dreaming about what this baby might be like. Shortly after, I met my sister for the first time. 

What is your earliest memory?

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