Thursday, May 23, 2013


This picture hasn't got anything to do with today's challenge but I thought it was so cool I had to share. It's a hypothetical image of what a female child of ours would look like based on pictures of us as kids morphed together. Isn't she cute?

Anyway, onto my first kiss: It was at a school dance. A chap had asked me to dance and I said yes. Little did I know that at school dances, if you dance with someone you have basically agreed to kiss them too. I wasn't prepared. It was sloppy, somewhat prickly and overall just not good. I'm sure I wasn't a slice of heaven either and I trust that we've both improved since then!

First love: He's about 6ft tall, dark hair, blue eyes. Has, hands down, the best butt in the history of the world. He's also got this incredible gift of total recall. For instance he can remember every word of full conversations, even if they happened ages ago. He doesn't just remember the general gist of things and maybe a few things that stood out, he remembers almost EVERYTHING. He's a genius and crazily good at any sport he's ever tried. And did I mention he's hilarious? He can make me cry laughing. One thing he hates is unfairness. He is also fiercely protective of the ones he loves. He's great at solving problems and knows the right questions to ask to get the answers. He'd make a remarkable journalist/interrogator/lawyer. He's never been a "man about town", is always true to himself and has very, very neat handwriting.

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