Sunday, May 19, 2013


I'm an addict. A perfume addict (I can't stop drinking the stuff!!!) But in all seriousness, I buy too many perfumes to actually use up. I fall in love with one, buy a bottle, then get used to it and not reach for it as excitedly as I did when we first met. So I go sniffing around for another one. 

I discovered a way to ensure I don't have the problem of 3/4 full bottles, forgotten about because some other fragrance blend came by and flirted with my nose. This discovery also allowed me the opportunity to have a great variety of fragrances at my disposal without having to spend a lot of money to acquire them all.

I couldn't afford to buy all the perfumes I was lusting for recently - 2 were Hermes, the other was Chanel - but I desperately wanted to enjoy the smell of them on my skin whenever I wanted. It was a simple google search of "buy sample fragrances" that took me to Surrender to Chance.

I know you might be thinking "I can eeeeeasily just get a sample from the department store" but, my friend, I'm going to have to tell you that you are wrong on this one. Often they don't have them in stock, especially if they're super exclusive, niche or even just discontinued. But the real selling point for me personally is the actual size of the bottles. They range from your usual 1mL right up to 30mL so, in reality, you can buy more than just a "sample" of your favourite fragrance. As for cost, it's an efficient way to pay for the spray - often 30mL here will cost you less than the 30mL bottle in store.

I chose these 8mL samples (perfect for ye olde handbag), which apparently give me 115 sprays each. By the time I've used them up, I'll know which ones have become too familiar and which ones I'm going to need to invest in... I think I'm onto a good thing here, what do you think?

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  1. That's such a good idea!!! I'm thinking about getting Belle d'opium omgoshhhh it smells so good.


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