Tuesday, May 7, 2013


1. Pretty Little Liars, Season One.
I was reading this wonderful lady's blog and she mentioned that she had been on a "hardcore binge" on PLL. A hardcore binge. That line sold it for me 'cause if there's one quality a TV show must have, it's the power to keep you coming back for more and more until there's a you-shaped indent in the sofa cushion. I downloaded one episode to see if I liked it and started watching it last night with James. Halfway through, I paused the TV and promptly purchased the rest of the series. Oh yes, I have found  a new guilty pleasure.

2. A clicker for dog training purposes.
I had my carpets cleaned yesterday. While the woman was there she handed me a pair of coloured goggles and told me to put them on while she hovered a strange forensics looking light over a certain patch of carpet. "You see that?" she told me. Oh yes - I saw. All those "tiny" accidents Elsa had done over the past few months that I was certain I had cleaned up completely were illuminated. There was a lot of p--s in that carpet! Apparently we only see a tiny spot but really, there's a whole volume of fluid going deeeeeeeep into the floor. It doesn't matter how well you think you've cleaned it, that dog can still well and truly identify that that. is. their. territory. Hence why it had been difficult to train Elsa out of treating the carpet like her toilet. So, after having the carpets treated, I have started a more predictable, rigid "walkies" schedule, took out her water bowl at night and bought this clicker. I've given her a treat and a click every time she goes on grass, so hopefully she will quickly learn that she can "make" me do that cool clicking sound just by peeing outside! I also need to establish myself as Pack Leader and set better boundaries so that Elsa is less anxious and less likely to mark her territory in the house.

3. Full Highland Dress (kilt, waistcoat, jacket, the LOT).
I am not able to show you the whole ensemble, much as I wish I could. My older brother is soon getting married and, along with my father and brothers, James will be wearing a kilt to the wedding! Big bro has specifically asked not to see the kilts they're all wearing until the day of the wedding so you guys won't see it until after he does. But just so you know, James looks really good in a kilt. And, if it's even possible, I think my dad loves him even more for embracing the tradition.

4. Ripped jeans. 
After getting a pair of Nobody jeans with rips in them, I fell in love with the very distressed denim look. I got a pair of darker denim boyfriend-ish jeans from Glassons and a pair of skinnier ones from J Brand. If you know how much I hate jeans shopping, you'll know how relieved I am to have basically completed my denim wardrobe this year, all before winter has even begun!

5. Sneaker Wedges, round two.
I have a khaki pair already. You'd think one pair of these odd-looking shoes would be enough but they are just far too comfortable and cute in my eyes to not have in basic black! I mean, I need a pair that's going to go with everything, y'know? These ones are from Dotti.


  1. Can't get enough of those sneaker heels eh? aha.

    PLL is the most addictive show I have ever watched. I always thought it was stupid until the first episode was on netflix one day where I was visiting and I just got hooked. I knew I had to see the next episode..and the next..and the next. And now I'm anxiously awaiting June for it to come back!!

  2. You love your sneaker wedges! :) I went the other day in the city to find the best pair.. there was a pair at Zara that were soo nice! Pretty much exactly the same as the ones you have - but they didn't have any in my size!

    Probably should go back and check... Oh jeans... not my favourite thing to shop for!


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