Friday, May 31, 2013


The worst part about that photo (aside from the fact my own dog is repulsed by me) is the acne that has all of a sudden taken over my cheeks and jaw. I'm wearing makeup in this photo, so the full extent of it you cannot see. I never had skin like this as a teenager. A huge, red, pimple (singular) that appeared smack bang in the middle of my forehead - that used to be a regular occurrence. This beard of clogged pores is so much more frustrating. Even when I was a smoker *shudder*, I didn't have skin this bad.

It's coming from the inside out, I just know it. I've also got the bloat. And the whites of my eyes, well, how could I even call them whites when they're just not?
All these complaints I've got, don't people always find are alleviated when they do a juice cleanse? I wouldn't know because I've never done one. In fact, these days I find myself forgetting to drink water, all the while satisfying hunger with coffee and giving into late night sweet cravings. I've brought it upon myself, I'm sure of it.

Some of you might swear by juice fasts, others might think they're a fad. I can't chime in to the dialogue until I've tried one, so that's what I intend to do. I've chosen the Juicer's 72 Hour Detox I found on The Skinny Confidential. It goes like this:
8oz (roughly 230mL) of juice every hour for 8 hours (each day a different blend)
Light, clean, protein-rich meal at dinner time
Plenty of water/herbal tea in between

... And that's it. Straight to my bloodstream these nutrients are supposed to go and I hope I'll come out of it sparkling! Of course, there has to be a commitment afterwards to keep up the clean eating and it seems a juice cleanse is always a good way to kick start that type of regimen - who'd want to undo all that hard work, after all?

I'm going to get the ingredients tomorrow night for a Sunday morning start. Let me know if you've got any juicing experiences or tips you'd like to share. I'm really keen to hear from anyone who has done a juice cleanse and what you thought of it!


  1. Not disciplined enough for a juicing fast, but I hope you feel better about yourself after the detox! Hugz!

  2. Yea I can relate to you. I am in a habit of drinking warm lemon juice first thing every morning. But not to say that I dont have days where you right a pimple. These pimples never finds a spot to hide rather likes to show up right in front right in the middle of my face, and to top it all 9/10 when I have a special date on wantin to look my best.

    But yes juicing is sure amazing enjoy them you can make the most awesome juices, sometimes they sound awful and look worse but they are in fact quite tasty:o)


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