Sunday, May 5, 2013


It's close to midnight in Australia and I'm in bed typing away while a Hanson song, of all things, is blaring on the telly. It doesn't feel that long ago that I had their posters literally covering my bedroom walls! It must have been 15 years since then. Life travels so fast, doesn't it? NEWAYZ (that's Hanson era me making an appearance) we've been out at Sokyo tonight, where I took James to celebrate his promotion at work. I'm really proud of him not only for his achievements but also because despite being such a busy and hard-working person, he's the most devoted fiancé. Some days he works so late and I'd forgive him if he walked through the door tired and grumpy but he is always just happy to be home and wants to know about my day. God bless him. Anyway, onto the dinner. First I'm going to apologise because I didn't manage decent photos of all the food and so I have only included a selection of what we ate. Secondly and lastly, you're going to see a picture of what looks like a coffee at the end of the post. It is not a cappucino, but rather a genius, gastronomical dessert creation that has been constructed to look like one. It is actually a delicious flavour and texture sensation: coffee ice cream mixed with delicious cocoa nibs topped with a whiskey foam. I don't know how chefs can come up with these artful-looking dishes that have such incredible depth and flavour. And I can't believe how badly the picture I took of it heaped on my spoon turned out. Somebody desperately needs to take a photography class! Anyway, on with the post:

What we ate/drank (in order of appearance):
East meets West cocktail - a little too banana-ey for my tastes
Moreton Bay Bug Tempura
'Queensland' Roll (Spanner crab, spicy avocado, soy paper) 
Clover Club cocktail
Salmon and Prawn Tempura roll
Yamazaki Caramel Macchiato (that incredible dessert I spoke of)

Everything we ate tonight was magnificent. My favourite was actually a dish I don't have pictures of - the Kingfish Miso Ceviche - followed closely by the Bug Tempura. And if you enjoy beef that melts like butter in your mouth, you'll love the short rib and caramelised eshallot skewers from the Robata menu.

For all the deets on Sokyo as well as online bookings (so convenient) visit their website here.


  1. Ahh so difficult to get good photos at night! Congrats to your fiance on his promotion! Looks like you had a lovely evening of celebration :)

    1. Argh!!! Took me so many goes to get it right! Thanks Emily, it was a really good night.

  2. Anna you look stunning in that dress and I think the photos look good, at night time it's always hard to capture the best lighting etc. The food and cocktails look delicious too and congrats to your fiance on the promotion, you guys are such a cute couple!

    Rebecca xx

    1. Thanks Rebecca, that is really sweet of you and me smile! James was really proud when I said that there was a comment on my blog with a congratulations to him too :-)

  3. That meal looks fabulous I wish the restaurant were here in London! Fab dress as well.

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