Sunday, May 26, 2013


Hi guys, I didn't post my challenge yesterday, which was "bullet your whole day". Though I did actually bullet most of it, it was such an incredibly boring thing to read! We went house hunting, attended auctions, had a look at our wedding destination, walked a lot and watched a few episodes of Pretty Little Liars. Not much to write home about, I assure you.

Anyway, today's challenge asks me to share with you a place I'd like to move or visit. This one is so easy for me because I have desperately wanted to take James to the UK and Europe for so long. I often wonder whether, because I am a UK citizen, if we were to move over there and have our babies they might be able to become UK citizens too? If someone can answer that question for me, I'd be grateful! 

I actually lived over in Scotland for a short time and it was incredible how the moment I set foot in that country, I felt at home. I think Glasgow and Edinburgh are gorgeous cities and the people are one of the best things about it. I really want to take James there to visit my family and see the sights. The first two photos are of Glasgow, the next two are of Edinburgh.


Of course, I'd love to soak up London life too. I got a taste of London, really enjoyed it and have always wanted to return. Here's a little picture I took when I was there. Do you know where this is?

And of course, if we were to travel to or live in the UK we'd have to see France. A lot of France. I've been a couple of times now but it just isn't enough! I can understand why some individuals make an annual pilgrimage to France. It's a beautiful country and I think French people are the greatest. 

You've heard from me now... Where is it that you would like to move to or visit?

***UPDATE: I can't believe I actually forgot to include ANY Nordic country or Switzerland in this list. Ever since I started to see into the lives of bloggers from these places I have been so intrigued. The cities, country landscapes, and the mentality of the people really appeal to me. I'm always seeking out films made in those countries and blogs from people living there because it's as close as I can get to actually being there! I think I would like to stay for longer than just a holiday so I might need to pick a place and language, then start taking some lessons!


  1. I *think* if you're kids are born o/s they are a citizen of that's all so confusing isn't it?

    1. Tell me about it! It feels like the laws are always changing! But I was born in Aus and not immediately a citizen so it makes me wonder...

  2. Good choice!! Edinburgh is beautiful. From what I studied of EU Law last year, your kids WOULD be UK citizens. I'm pretty sure that if you're born here you're automatically a UK citizen, and they can have a British passport. :)
    I love France too, we went on lots of summer holidays there! If I could live anywhere for a little bit it would probably be the Italian Riviera ( or go back to Iceland. Iceland is out-of-this-world cool. (

    Flora x

    1. Hehe thanks for clearing that up. I wasn't born in UK but was a citizen automatically so I wonder if it changes things. Anyway, we'll know when the time comes!!!
      Italy and Iceland: now on the bucket list!!!


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