Sunday, June 23, 2013


Two days before the wedding, we traveled a couple of hours outside of Mexico city to meet Veronica's family. We also got to experience a side of Mexico tourists sadly don't often get to. The combi ride on the freeway alone offers a privileged glimpse into the diverse communities, streets and landscapes of Greater Mexico city; being welcomed into a beautiful Mexican family and their community, well, that was something truly special. Along with the wedding day, this one was my most memorable parts of the trip. Vero's family are the most welcoming, hospitable, kind and humble family you could ever hope to meet. Despite the fact that most of us didn't speak the other's language, we felt more connected to the people we met in Mexico than any other people we met on our whole journey abroad. My brother has a second family now and I like to think that we do too. You'll see from the pictures that they cooked us a gorgeous authentic Mexican meal. I don't know why they feel the need to open franchises that sell that Tex Mex stuff in the US and Australia when real Mexican cuisine is so much better and more flavoursome. And that cake you see? It's the best cake I have ever eaten. Yes, ever. Vero opened her cake shop just for us (it was closed over the wedding period) and we felt awfully exclusive as we enjoyed our Tres Leches cake within the pretty pink walls of Dabali PastelerĂ­a! 

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  1. Gorgeous pictures hun, that food looks incredible, real authentic Mexican food cannot be beaten xx


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