Saturday, June 15, 2013


You can't go to San Francisco without seeing Alcatraz, unless you're my parents and the only way you can get your hands on tickets is to stand in a queue for hours (to which they said "noooooooo thanks"). If you want to see Alctaraz, you'll have to book days in advance, during peak season tours sell out much earlier. That's my tip of the day! We set off around lunch, taking the cable car down to Fisherman's Wharf and then running as fast as we could to the dock. The Alcatraz experience isn't only about the prison itself. The views across to San Francisco and its two bridges is unbeatable and the whole island that is Alcatraz is far more beautiful than I expected it to be. Amidst ruined buildings there lies flowers and plants of varieties from all over the world; a horticultural display of Alcatraz' vibrant history. Seagulls and their hatchlings are its most recent residents and I was made very aware of the fact I was in their territory when I went to take a photo of mother and baby and the old bird loudly chased me away! We were lucky enough to be there to see a photographic exhibition of Alcatraz' final day, which took place to commemorate 50 years since every resident of Alcatraz (prisoners, guards, guard's families) left "The Rock" forever. This was our final sightseeing day in San Francisco, which culminated in a walk around the famous Pier 39. It's permanent residents are a raft of Sea Lions, known endearingly as the "Sea Lebrities" (gettit, celebrities?) There are a few that stick around all year long, but there are far more that migrate down during the winter. I'd love to be at Pier 39 when there's 900 of them on holidays!

...We hadn't planned on it, but we've decided to return to San Francisco after we (very briefly) see Las Vegas and L.A. We had vague plans to spend a lot of time in both those places but instead I'll be seeing  an amazing physiotherapist who deals with Pudendal Neuralgia five days in a row in SF. It's going to put some more of the puzzle together for me and might even make me a little better, fingers crossed! Tomorrow my brother gets married here in Mexico so it's an early night for us. My trackpad on this computer has given up working so it might be difficult to post from here on in but I will try, even if I only manage a few photos here and there. Mexico has been incredible so far and I can't wait to share my experience of it with you! 

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  1. I will show my boyfriend this post Anna, The Rock (Sean Connery) is one of his all time favourite films...if we ever head over the the States we'll definitely have to go and visit San Fransisco if only to do Alcatraz!



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