Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Today's challenge asks me to list famous guys who I find attractive. Truth be told, there is only one person on this entire planet that I am attracted to. Cringe all you want, it's just the way it is. I used to have celebrity crushes when I was younger but when I think about some of them now, I wonder what on earth I was thinking. So instead, here's a list of movie characters who I like, strangely enough because they're so like my fiancĂ©.

1. Bruce Wayne

I won't pretend to know about DC comics and I'll admit I can only remember watching Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. Now, my fiancĂ© is definitely not a billionaire playboy and doesn't really know how to operate gadgets, but he does have the photographic memory/genius/strategist thing going on. And a steely gaze.

2. Noah Calhoun

I remember seeing the Notebook years ago and not being able to stop the tears. I literally cried myself to sleep. I think I went to bed with the person I was with at the time just thinking "this relationship is bullshit" because those feelings in that movie were real and strong and powerful and here I was in this relationship where neither of us were ever going to be happy or fulfilled. Anyway, I watched this film almost a decade later with James and there were so many times I thought "well, flip me sideways... I feel like I'm watching James on this screen". Anyway, I did cry the second time round, but for very different reasons. I could understand everything those characters were feeling. That person walked into their world and changed it forever. No-one will ever take their place. I was so grateful that I had met James but at the same time so sad because I could feel old man Noah's pain as he began to lose his wife to dementia. Whenever I watch films like that now I just feel so sick because I know one day one of us will lose the other and nothing could be worse than being without them on this planet. Anyway, James reminds me of Ryan Gosling in this film, especially in that scene pictured above. That's the kind of thing he would say. I can just hear James saying his usual "I know why I remind you of Ryan Gosling... it's because his eyes are too close together too". He's a funny boy.

3. Ethan in "Something Borrowed"

Boy, did that film annoy me. I try to watch a lot of rom-coms and light films to keep my mind from going to scary places but this one ended up making me angry. I was yelling at the screen, well, at Rachel and Dex, the whole time. The only redeeming character was the one John Krasinski played. If you've seen this movie, you might agree that Rachel is a fool for not ending up with Ethan, but then again the heart wants what the heart wants and Ethan probably deserved someone a whole lot cooler and smarter in the end. Aaanyway, he  put me in mind of James: funny, dependable, the rational head in a crazy situation, and basically a good guy.

4. Stephen Meyers in Ides of March

Funnily enough, another character played by Ryan Gosling ("it's because our eyes are too close together", I can just hear him again). I remember whispering to James in the cinema "is this guy you?" On a side note, you've got to watch this film, it was one of the best of 2011. I think James might even have a tie just like that one RG's wearing.

Have you ever watched a film and seen a character and gone "Hey! How much is that character like [insert name here]?" Or maybe you've watched a film and thought you could have been watching yourself? Just the other night I was watching some old clips of Ellen DeGeneres doing standup and if you took all the comedy away from it (I'm not that funny) it was as if she was speaking my mind. Have you ever had that feeling?

P.S. Celebrity face double generator came up with this. Hilarious!


  1. resemblance!

    1. lol how would you know what my fiance's personality was like?


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