Tuesday, June 11, 2013


One of the things we've noticed in the US is that it's just like in the movies. Okay, certainly you don't see just how prevalent homelessness is or how freezing San Francisco can be even in summer (that isn't a complaint, by the way), but everything else is almost spot on. The service is above and beyond anything I've ever had; the people are as animated and confident as they're depicted in film and sometimes you'll wonder how come certain people aren't actually famous themselves. One of our tour guides, for instance, captivated us with his commentary about San Francisco and the Redwood forests and I just know if you had him narrating documentaries, he'd be loved and regarded in the same way people do Bob Ross. I'm sure there's a character in film based on him and others like him! Anyway, a dream of mine was to visit a 50's style American diner just like those you see in films and wouldn't you know it, my dream came true! Just a few doors down from our hotel is Lori's Diner which, though built long after the 50's, replicates the 50's style diner perfectly, right down to the music selection. We sat ourselves at a booth and enjoyed typical American fare, from fried chicken, to big fat hot dogs and then sundaes for dessert. It was incredibly cheap too, $120.00 for all five of us. The hotel gave us vouchers for the place so the final bill only came to $100. Crazy, right? If you visit San Fran, you're going to love this joint (speaking of joints, you come across the smell of ol' Mary Jane quite a lot around here!!!)

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  1. Anna love you all look so beautiful and happy!!!
    I love mum in green, she look fantastic!!!
    Have fun,love to you all!!!Doxoxo


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