Saturday, June 15, 2013


After some time in Muir Woods and a quick look around Sausalito, we headed for the ferry back to San Francisco. The beauty of the famous San Franciscan fog floating above its pure blue waters made up for the fact that we were freezing our butts off as we waited at the dock! Once we reached Fisherman's wharf, I squealed with excitement when we came across an IHOP. The first time I heard of it was when I watched the film I am Sam and I have wanted to eat there ever since. Me + American Diner = True Romance. The boys had never heard of it before but as soon as they saw the colossal menu followed by the realisation that a side of pancakes automatically came with your breakfast order, they thought they'd stepped into some sort of culinary Utopia! We feasted there before sightseeing in the general direction of our hotels. The day didn't end there. As darkness fell, we made our way to the Castro district where the strawberry margaritas were extremely strong and incredibly cheap. That might explain why Alex and I pulled out an impromptu dance routine in one bar when the song "I love the nightlife" started playing. Yeah, we were the only two dancing and yes, we didn't confine it to just the dance floor. We made our way through the entire bar and as the song ended, we got a pretty amazing applause. We left the district on a high note and spent most of the next morning in bed with sore heads (well, maybe not James as he was our sensible chaperone), but certainly no regrets!

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