Sunday, June 9, 2013


Hello everyone! It's late here in San Francisco and I'm feeling on top of the world. We've spent the entire day walking the streets and basically falling in love with this place. I really don't have the words to adequately describe how special in every single way San Francisco is. All the songs they sing about it are true! Can I get away with that as a description? Our first day in San Francisco began when Alex called our room and woke us up from what would have been a mere 6 hour sleep. After a big cup of cahhhhffee to shake me from my incoherent, jetlagged state, we walked almost all the way around the city. We saw the "Doubtfire" house; the Painted Ladies; glimpsed the bay atop impossibly steep hills; spotted hundreds of dreamy houses and shopped up a storm at Union Square. We met plenty of friendly people (and some friendly dogs!) and spent quite a bit of time taking photos, gushing and kind of wishing we could stay here for as long as we wanted. It was also really inspiring to be in a place with such a long history of LGBT friendliness and pride. It's a smart city, San Francisco. As we started to tire, we came home and had a really fun dinner at a true blue 50's style diner. I'll blog about that tomorrow, but here's a little taste of today (please excuse the mountain of architecture pictures, I actually took dozens and dozens more photos of houses so please know there has been an effort to whittle them down!)





  1. Oh wow, Anna, that first photo of the house is beautiful! I didn't know houses like that really existed, I had a suspicion they were just film glad you've disproved this! haha I would love to live in a house like that, *sigh*.

    San Fransisco looks incredible, enjoy your time there - I'm a bit jealous.
    I'm looking forward to the 50's diner post - it's on my bucket list to go to the US and eat in an old fashioned American diner. A girl can dream!


  2. Just discovered your blog and I'm really enjoying it! You're a good writer and I love your photography! What camera do you use? I'm so excited to find someone else that shares the same passion for food and fitness as me! :)

  3. I'm heading to San Fran in two weeks and these posts are making me very excited!

    1. Dominique, you are going to love it!!! Getting on foot and exploring is the best way to go!


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