Friday, June 7, 2013


I made it through the flight and now I'm writing from our hotel room in downtown Los Angeles.
Tomorrow we have to wake up early to go to San Francisco and we think we've chosen a hotel that's close enough in walking distance to the train station. I can't handle another early morning!
After we got in, we had a little walk around downtown before going back to our hotel for some much needed rest. We hardly slept on the flight so we feel drunk with tiredness just now. Here's some pictures of our hotel, it's straight from the 20's! I wish the latest Gatsby film was on DVD and I'd watch it with the milk and cookies I'm contemplating ordering from room service...


  1. Arrggh Anna this hotel looks incredible, I love LA it's been far to long since I last visited, have an epic time hunny!

    Rebecca xx

    1. Hehe it's not too bad. The lobby and everything is just incredible. I am so excited to come back to LA, it's going t be the last place we visit before we go home. I just hope I can get around OK! It's such a big place!!!


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