Wednesday, July 10, 2013


^^Moving into our new house is a big, exciting change for us, but it isn't the only one!^^

There was a time there, only last year, when it felt like nothing was going my way. First it was the 24/7 searing shin pain that stopped me from standing or walking for any length of time. Then that all healed and it wasn't long before I was struck again - this time by a bigger evil: chronic pelvic pain. The knowledge that my particular syndrome was pretty rare, mentally draining and most difficult to treat had me convinced that I would be forever doomed to living just half a life. That no matter how great things are, that little dark cloud - those sensations and the fear of having them for the rest of my life - would always be restricting me from being able to experience 100% joy. I was wrong. Well, I won't jinx things by saying something so definitive, but at this moment I am wrong.

Remember how I told you I was going back to San Francisco for a week of treatment with a physiotherapist well-versed in my particular condition? Well, we actually made some very promising progress. The treatment involved pretty intensive massage on my thighs, butt and especially near my sit bones, where the main branch of the pudendal nerve is. The bruises were horrific and I was very, very sore. And I didn't have a chance to recover because I had to have the same thing done for five days straight. Have you ever had a really hard massage on a bruise? It's not nice, not at all. And with that kind of physio, there's every chance you're going to need internal work too. You've got to leave your inhibitions at the door if you want to get better. But you soon realise this is what they do day in, day out and if they don't care, nor should you!

She seemed to believe I could get better without having the major surgery I had initially thought was the only choice I had. What she found was that there was some pretty upset muscles down near those sit bones. It is possible the muscles/fascia are too tight and could be placing pressure on the nerves in that area, hence the scary symptoms. She gave me the name of another pelvic physio in Australia to continue my treatment and I got to consult with her just last week. I'm now finally full of hope; no longer letting symptoms make me feel like my life is over - heck, I just had a month-long international holiday! I really didn't think I'd get through it without any trouble but I did. I'm not so sure whether my symptoms are resolving as much as it seems they are or if I'm just better at dealing with them, but either way I sense a shift. We'll know more after 6 months of treatment. Other changes are happening too: we get the keys to our new house tomorrow; around the same time, we'll be welcoming our new dog into the family and then it'll be less than four months until James and I say our "I do's". You know me, I don't like to jinx things by talking about the future, but just having this level of excitement and happiness without the little black cloud hovering near is kind of a big thing for me.

One more thing before I go... Apparently 1 in 5 women suffer pelvic pain. I honestly didn't realise the figures were so high! I guess it's not the first thing people are going to divulge, not like if you pulled a hamstring or caught a stomach bug. Knowing how few and far between pelvic floor physiotherapists are in relation to the huge numbers of people who need them, I figured if anyone wanted a health career that guaranteed them a fully booked schedule and a good income, pelvic floor physiotherapy might be an option. And you get to change lives for the better in the process, which is probably the most fulfilling part. I've considered branching out into that arena myself, cause goodness knows the line of work I'm qualified for is a fast shrinking industry now! Best go where you're needed, right? We'll see what the future holds.

Anyway, I'm going to continue with packing my house up and then rustle up some spag bol for the hungry boys (James' brother is coming to stay). I hope you're having a great day, wherever you are, whatever you're doing.


  1. Aww I am so excited for you :)You have got lots of exciting things coming up. Sorry for no comments lately - I have been reading all about your trip etc Only 4 months until your wedding!

    1. Awwww Emily, you are too nice. No need to apologise!
      I knooooow - we are heads down bum up working on wedding stuff just now. Kicking goals!

  2. So many exciting things coming up! & I'm glad your attitude + outlook has shifted, there's always options & ways around these difficult situations x

    1. Thanks for your lovely words! Where there is a will, there's a way (I hope!)


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