Thursday, July 11, 2013


Remember the 30 Day Challenge I got just past halfway through and abandoned as I set off on holiday? Well, I really, really wanted to complete it while I was gone but of course I was so busy, my laptop screwed up and then I thought I'd just ditch it altogether. The thing about it is, I was so close to the finishing line and I thoroughly enjoyed doing those posts so I decided I'd keep on going with the last five of them. Is that cool with you?

Today I'm talking about someone who fascinates me. The person I've chosen is everyone's favourite talk show host, Ellen Degeneres. Now, I first cottoned on to the fact that Ellen is one very decent human being when I saw this interview with her and Lindsay Lohan, around the time when Lindsay was taking a lot of drugs and had that crazy break up with Samantha Ronson. I think Ellen saw that Lindsay was in a bad place, genuinely cared about her and knew this was her chance to try and let her know that there is a life and happiness outside of all of the shit she was caught up in. Ellen opened up about her own struggles, which she really didn't have to do and if I were Lindsay, I'd have cried at the gesture, it was just so human. Another very touching instance was when Ellen gave this heartfelt message in light of a spate of teen suicides, where the victims had been tormented and bullied on the basis of their sexuality. She is very principled and pure of soul, which comes across very clearly even in her stand up routines - there's some very good life messages within that comedy of hers. 

According to the guy who took us on a tour of all the celebrities homes in Hollywood, she's one of the best he has come across. He says she always waves and says hello to all the folk on the tour bus as she comes out of her driveway, instead of acting bothered like a lot of her famous neighbours tend to do. A really good sport, in my opinion.


  1. I adore Ellen. I hate when people make snide comments about her sexuality. My mother-in-law included, sadly, once saw her in a magazine and said how disgusting she was for marrying a woman. Ah, so ignorant. Instead of being focused on petty things about people you don't even know, I think more people should have the moral awareness that Ellen has and the world would be better off.
    Sorry for the worldy rant lol xx

    1. No need to apologise, Coco!
      I think the majority of people are pretty "with it" but then there's a few people around who make comments like that and you think "DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST SAY THAT?!?!"
      But yeah, Ellen seems awesome. People could learn a lot from her.


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