Friday, July 26, 2013


My goals are so embarrassing, and so few. I feel like I'm a first world problem when I read over them:

1. Put down the phone and other tech devices during the time I get with my fiancé. I don't know why when I wake up I feel the need to check my email almost immediately. And don't get me started on instagram. I'm addicted. From now on, that stuff can wait until he's out the door.

2. Find the Ultimate Paint Shade for our walls. What a task. What a nightmare of a task. It's isn't lost on me how fortunate I am that this is my idea of stressful task right now.

3. Commit to all the stretches and toning exercises my Physio has advised me to do, regardless of the suffering. Have your Iliotibial bands ever met a foam roller? Sweet Justice of the Peace, it's cruel!

4. Finally send my mother her birthday card and present. Her birthday was in June. I am so ashamed of myself, especially given that I even have an express post envelope to post it in. Here's a picture of my mum that my cousin dug up a few days ago. Pretty foxy eh? In this pic, most of her five (!) kids were in high school. Might need to add "become foxy mother" to my list of personal life challenges.

5. Get a wriggle on with all this matrimonial stuff!!! Our wedding is in just over three months and I don't feel stressed yet. This has me panicking that I'm not doing it right. I do, however, think I might have found a pair of wedding shoes I like. Well, maybe I am being a bit deceitful in calling them "wedding" shoes. You see, I really like them but really don't think they're a wise investment right now. To be honest, I have never bought expensive designer heels before. I could try to justify the purchase if they were to be the shoes that carry me down the aisle and into the red. Aren't they nice? I stole this picture from Minna's blog.

6. Keep walking. I've been pretty good since our holiday, which was effectively one long walk-a-thon for us. All I need is a fully charged iPod and some decent trainers but sometimes it's like there's this massive magnet inside my house and I'm made of iron and it's just impossible for me to leave the house unless it's absolutely crucial. Well, exercise is crucial and I aim to keep up with it.

What are your goals just now? Go on, put mine to shame!

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  1. Foam rollers are my best and worst enemy!

    I'm with you on the social media! I used to check my emails the minute I woke up but now don't check them until I get to work! the trick? have a million different inboxes and not set up half on your phone so you're forced to check them all at once on the for me!


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